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Sports Diplomacy and Emergent Nationalism

Football Links between the Two Yemens, 1970-1990

Thomas B. Stevenson and Abdul Karim Alaug

In the 1970s and 1980s, North and South Yemen appeared to be two states pursuing opposing, sometimes hostile, economic and political policies. Then, in 1990, they suddenly united. This article analyses sport diplomacy as an instrument in opening institutional contacts between the two governments and as a venue for conveying important socio-political and historical messages. Cross-border football contests reinforced the largely invented notion of a single Yemen derived from pre-Islamic kingdoms. This idea remains a foundation of Yemeni nationalism and a base of Yemeni national identity.

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Inventing "women's history"

Female valor, martial queens, and right-wing story-tellers in the Bombay slums

Atreyee Sen

This article focuses on oral traditions created by slum women affiliated with the Hindu nationalist Shiv Sena movement in Bombay, and explores the ways in which these invented traditions allowed marginalized women to enter a martial, masculinist "Hindu" history. It shows how poor, rough women used the limited resources available in the slums, especially in the context of rising communal hostilities, to gain a "respectable past." Furthermore, the article analyzes how everyday practices and performances of women's strategic "history-telling" worked to politically mobilize poor women cadres and impacted gender dynamics in contested urban spaces. The invention of traditions of female martiality reflects the potential of right-wing political women to assert a controversial position within the dominantly patriarchal structures of the slums in particular, and the extremist movement in general. The article discusses the mytho-histories told by women to negotiate their present gendered social environment; paradoxically, the martial content of these historical stories also allowed women to nurture a perpetual threat of communal discord and renegotiate their position with male cadres within a violent movement.

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Jackie Feldman

martyrs and the Iraqi army with the enemies of Islam serves to legitimize the current theocratic government sponsoring it—in which the separation of religion and nationalism is impossible. Knowledge—in this case a newly invented tradition—receives its

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So What Is the Anthropology of Buddhism About?

David N. Gellner

9780511760785 Frydenlund , Iselin . 2017 . “ ‘Buddhism Has Made Asia Mild’: The Modernist Construction of Buddhism as Pacifism .” In Buddhist Modernities: Re-Inventing Tradition in the Globalizing Modern World , ed. Hanna Havnevik , Ute Hüsken , Mark

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David Farrell-Banks

the historical. For Guibernau, the sense of a shared history, or what Eric Hobsbawm and Terence Ranger [1983] would view as ‘invented traditions’, allows a group to consider themselves to have a shared ancestry and, therefore, shared values

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Ana Isabel González Manso

James Alexander do not agree with because “invented traditions” 28 are frequent occurrences and, moreover, it is impossible to transmit them entirely. During the transmission process tradition undergoes transformations by people doing the transfer and

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Manufacturing Labor Discipline

Apprenticeship, Asymmetrical Knowledge, and Large-Scale Production in Britain and France, 1750–1820

Leonard N. Rosenband

and shipyards boycotted bold employers, and depended on custom and “invented traditions” to protect their skills and control of labor markets. 1 This article considers how large-scale manufacturers in several European trades attempted to increase

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Nicholas Robinette

artists like Walter Bell, Steve Dowling, Frank Hampson and Frank Bellamy. Sloper was thus the focal point for an exercise in ‘invented traditions’, which, as Eric Hobsbawm once noted, ‘are highly relevant to that comparatively recent historical

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Places of Progress? Technology Museums, Memory, and Education

Christian Kehrt and Daniel Brandau

Uekötter (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2013). On the cultural history of technology, see Martina Heßler, Kulturgeschichte der Technik (Frankfurt am Main: Campus, 2012). 11 Eric Hobsbawm, “Introduction: Inventing Tradition,” in The Invention of

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Intertwined Landscape

The Integration of Arabo-Islamic Culture in Pre-state Palestine

Mostafa Hussein

University Press . Masalha , Nur . 2007 . The Bible and Zionism: Invented Traditions, Archaeology and Post-Colonialism in Palestine-Israel . London : Zed Books . Press , Yeshayahu . 1947 . “ The Jewish Settlement in Jerusalem in the Nineteenth Century