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COVID and the Era of Emergencies

What Type of Freedom is at Stake?

Danielle Celermajer and Dalia Nassar

. Totalitarianism is, she suggests, both facilitated by and in turn engenders certain basic experiences in living together, or characteristic states. One is isolation, a political condition that she distinguishes from the more personal condition of loneliness, and

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Modernisation and Social Change

The Impact on Iranian Elderly Social Networks and Care Systems

Mary Elaine Hegland, Zahra Sarraf, and Mohammad Shahbazi

Anthropological field research in Iran, mainly in the village of Aliabad and in nearby Shiraz in south-west Iran, has documented radical social, cultural, religious and economic change over the last 28 years. Increasing emphasis on the nuclear rather than the extended family and pressures for geographic and social mobility have profoundly influenced the lives of the elderly. The traditional family system of support for elders - with regard to emotional and social needs, as well as financial assistance and physical care - is breaking down. Social scientists, social workers and health personnel must focus on adequately addressing the needs and concerns of the Iranian elderly in the twenty-first century and on developing alternative systems to deal with key elderly issues of health, well-being and social incorporation.

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Denis Vuka

during the years of Albania’s self-isolation from 1978 to 1990, which followed the country’s withdrawal from the international arena. The 1980s saw in textbooks a dramatic increase in the use of images and visual resources—and a proliferation of myths

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The Democracy of Everyday Life in Disaster

Holding Our Lives in Their Hands

Nancy L. Rosenblum

when we venture outside. We strain to see them, for sighting is a comfort: we are not alone in isolation and fear. We relish contact and conversation from a distance. Our back and forth is personal and individual. How are you navigating daily tasks? Are

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What Makes a Panther a Panther?

Genetics, Human Perceptions, and the Complexity of Species Categorization

Catherine Macdonald and Julia Wester

experience “species” as being both a social and biological construct, and that the question of what a species is cannot be “solved” or answered in isolation from subjective and socially constructed questions about how an animal or group of animals fits into

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“Loving and Cruel, All at the Same Time”

Girlhood Identity in The Craft

Emily Chandler

popularity. In her landmark study of girls’ and women’s psychology, Carol Gilligan found that adolescent girls derive security from inclusion in a group; they perceive isolation as dangerous (1982). By depicting the girls’ marginalization prior to their

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Holistic Houses and a Sense of Place

Contextualizing the Bishop Museum Hale Pili Exhibit through Archaeological Analyses

Jennifer G. Kahn

houses are exhibited in isolation, creating a timeless quality and supporting simplistic notions of the unchanging nature of folkways ( Chappell 1999 ). Like other folk housing exhibits, the hale pili exhibit falls into a “colonial picturesque” schema

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India Halstead

interconnectedness: the oceanic feeling. For Rebecca Horn, however, alienation also played an intimate, personal role: her work was driven not only by this pursuit of social emancipation, but also by an attempt to come to terms with her own traumatic isolation. At

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Singing with Dignity

Adding Social Quality to Organization Studies on Aging

Prabhir Vishnu Poruthiyil

How to Counteract the Isolation of Older Persons and of Organization Studies from Social Policy Management and organization studies (MOS) is vast, diverse, and sophisticated, and it is indeed surprising that its impact on public policy is less than

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A World Event (On Circumnavigation, 1519-1522)

Excerpt from Guillermo Giucci's Tierra del Fuego: La creación del fin del mundo

Guillermo Giucci

The idea of the world as a sphere was an old theoretical presupposition. Only with both the crossing of the Strait of Magellan and circumnavigation were the geographical areas unknown to the Europeans opened to global trade. Therefore, this world event would be inscribed in the annals of history as a marker of the beginning of modernity, the era of maritime colonization that forever altered the notion of radical isolation.