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Frank Hole

In the past decade there has been a shift of focus from individual archaeological sites to an approach that incorporates the dynamic interplay of land, climate, society, economy, ritual and technical innovation. A growing understanding of past climates and environments, coupled with the use of satellite technology and other means of remote sensing, has opened new avenues of interpretation. Classic problems, such as the origins and spread of agrarian societies, have benefited from an array of new scientific methods, and there is increasing attention to social and ritual aspects of society.

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Analyzing Museum Collections in Scandinavia

New Insights in Revised Modernity and Its Implications on Archaeological Material

Niklas Ytterberg

ancient DNA and different isotope analyses, such as strontium analysis, open new possibilities to study details of prehistoric trade, mobility, and diet at an unprecedented level. The shared force of these astonishing leaps of research has led, according

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Temperature and Capital

Measuring the Future with Quantified Heat

Scott W. Schwartz

was this knowledge produced? No human was around to observe such events. Such facts are produced out of various “parts” (evidence). We can observe the ratio of uranium-238 to lead-206 isotopes in the mineral zircon in the present. We can observe the

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Methods for Multispecies Anthropology

Thinking with Salmon Otoliths and Scales

Heather Anne Swanson

more. The round holes in the otolith seen in figure 3 are the traces of samples taken for microchemical analysis. Isotopic traces in otoliths can tell us about the mineral composition of the water in which a salmon was swimming at a given point in time

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The Past as a Foreign Country

Bioarchaeological Perspectives on Pinker’s “Prehistoric Anarchy”

Linda Fibiger

& Hudson, 2009). 8 Pinker, Better Angels , 49. 9 Mike P. Richards, T. Douglas Price, and Eva Koch, “Mesolithic and Neolithic Subsistence in Denmark: New Stable Isotope Data,” Current Anthropology 44, no. 2 (2006): 288–295. 10 John Robb, “Violence and

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Egypt between Two Shakespeare Quadricentennials 1964–2016

Reflective Remarks in Three Snapshots

Hazem Azmy

Translating a text and releasing it into a new culture is somewhat similar to the introduction of a radioactive isotope into someone’s body. When tracing the success of and the resistance to an author’s work in a theatrical culture different from

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With an Open Mind and Open Heart

Collections Care at the Laboratory of Archaeology

Kate Roth

about their ancestors. LOA members Mike Richards and Darlene Weston are trained in isotope analysis and osteoarchaeology, respectively. This expertise, along with a renovated lab, has provided LOA with a greater ability to give communities knowledge

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Natures of Naturalism

Reaching Bedrock in Climate Science

Martin Skrydstrup

. Yet the measurement of the isotopic composition of the ice (delta-O-18), which scientists consider the most robust proxy for climate, did not correspond to the DEP and ECM measurements. Moreover, the match points with the NGRIP ice core drilled only

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Mobile Disasters

Catastrophes in the Age of Manufactured Uncertainty

Steve Matthewman

Islands. Radioactive isotopes circled the planet. A stretch of debris more than three thousand kilometers long began to move across the North Pacific. On the Internet, calls for calm and official denials were met with conspiracy theories and accusations of

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Pierre Fresnault-Deruelle

right-hand side, page 9, strip 2) is isotopic 25 with the large star seen from the window of his living room (on the left-hand side, page 8, strip 2). And the system of visual rhymes across double pages is reactivated. The first time around (pages 4