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Pablo Facundo Escalante

, kingship itself was not subject to contestation. “It is impossible to think that someone in the [National Constituent] Assembly conceived the ridiculous project of turning the kingdom into a republic. Nobody ignores that the republican government is barely

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Cary J. Nederman

absolutely and irreconcilably opposed to kingship. In his Moralia in Job , Gregory explains that the term “tyrant” could potentially apply to any person who pridefully exercises power. On the one hand, he says, “A tyrant properly speaking ( proprie ) is one

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Khayke Beruriah and Jeremy Schonfield

school of Ishmael’s sensitivity to divine severity with that of Akiva’s to divine mercy particularly useful, closely followed by Dennis Sasso’s comments on Roman imperial models of kingship and David Stern’s on human powerlessness. The range of

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Lena Steveker

Caroline kingship. They do so by drawing on the notion of England as a peaceful Arcadia, a notion that was first evoked in the masques of Charles's father James I whose foreign policy was committed to keeping England out of the Thirty Years’ War. James

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Imitations of Buddhist Statecraft

The Patronage of Lao Buddhism and the Reconstruction of Relic Shrines and Temples in Colonial French Indochina

Patrice Ladwig

domains of architecture and religion. Cambodia and Laos were subject to quite similar colonial politics rooted, for example, in the fact that both had Theravāda Buddhist kingship and statecraft as forms of indigenous political organization. For French

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Where Character Is King

Gregory Doran’s Henriad

Alice Dailey

in Stratford, London and China before its sold-out, month-long finale at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where I saw it in April 2016. In addition to declaring kingship and nationality its key conceptual interests, the title describes a spectacle of

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The Madness of King Charles III

Shakespeare and the Modern Monarchy

Richard Wilson

monarch realizes kingship is playmaking: ‘Let me sit upon the ground and tell … tell-tell-tell-tell … tell’. 14 If monarchy is power on display, ‘the hollow crown’ is a fool’s cap, Richard perceives, for ‘there the antic sits’ (3.2.151–158). In The

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“Give Me Back My Son!”

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Emotion Talk, and the Gendering of Political Rhetoric

Linda E. Mitchell

by which her husband and sons ruled. This is well described in John Edward Austin Joliffe’s classic work, Angevin Kingship : “In spite of the growth of regular procedure in Curia and Exchequer, there is a core of chicane and violence in the rule of

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Vassiliki Markidou

kingship which is not able to perpetuate itself through lineal succession with recurring cycles of triumph and betrayal, in which the continuing of the “rebel’s whore” Fortune can be clearly discerned’. She also claims that ‘through its subtle use of

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Delta Ontologies

Infrastructural Transformations in the Chao Phraya Delta, Thailand

Atsuro Morita and Casper Bruun Jensen

-Geldern 1942: 15) . According to this scheme of galactic replication, individuals and social groups attain harmony and prosperity by following the given cosmological order. The central role of traditional states and kingships was to maintain this order by