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Humans, Plants, and Networks

A Critical Review

Laura Calvet-Mir and Matthieu Salpeteur

, Brazil, Peru Knowledge transmission—traditional Tyrolean dishes and medicinal plants Hopkins 2011 Field Methods Mexico Knowledge transmission—medicinal plants Kawa et al. 2013 Current Anthropology Brazil Germplasm exchange and knowledge transmission

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The Discipline of Discovery

Reflections on the Relationship between Internal and External Conditions of Knowledge Formation

Ulrike Kistner

Starting with Foucault's articulation of factors in the formation of an order of discourse, and Ludwik Fleck's ideas on the structures of thought collectives and thought styles, this article mounts some reflections on the relationship between internal and external conditions of knowledge formation. In particular, it will look at the productive function of thought constraints – discipline – in the formation and transmission of knowledge, and bring this consideration to bear on some perils besetting the humanities not only 'from without', but also 'from within', notably the turn from academic teaching to externally oriented professional training, and an uncritical, general-programmatic proclamation of 'Multi-, Inter, and Trans-Disciplinarity' ('MIT') reorganising discourses, disciplines and orders of knowledge.

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Casey High

traces Severi’s engagement with the role of images in knowledge transmission to the idea of a ‘biology of images’ in nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century scholarship. He describes the work of Aby Warburg and other writers who, unlike art historians

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Florian Krobb and Dorit Müller

knowledge transmission? Is itinerant knowledge—since it may entail encounters with the unfamiliar and the radically Other—categorically different from knowledge generated in familiar circumstances? Even knowledge produced in the familiarity of a scholar

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Conservation-Induced Resettlement

The Case of the Baka of Southeast Cameroon—A Variation on the Habitual Mobility–Immobility Nexus

Harrison Esam Awuh

itself in the lack of knowledge on which plants have medicinal value or the required dosage. Highlighting the impact of knowledge transmission in this decline of traditional medicinal knowledge, one Baka chief asserted: “If there would be efficient

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How Movements Are Mediated

The Case of the Hungarian Student Network in 2012–2013

Bálint Takács, Sára Bigazzi, Ferenc Arató and Sára Serdült

government) organize knowledge transmission according to the values and imperatives of elders; they are past-oriented and have a strong rooting in traditional values. In contrast, prefigurative cultures are future-oriented, and the transmission of knowledge

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Eleanor Sterling, Tamara Ticktin, Tē Kipa Kepa Morgan, Georgina Cullman, Diana Alvira, Pelika Andrade, Nadia Bergamini, Erin Betley, Kate Burrows, Sophie Caillon, Joachim Claudet, Rachel Dacks, Pablo Eyzaguirre, Chris Filardi, Nadav Gazit, Christian Giardina, Stacy Jupiter, Kealohanuiopuna Kinney, Joe McCarter, Manuel Mejia, Kanoe Morishige, Jennifer Newell, Lihla Noori, John Parks, Pua’ala Pascua, Ashwin Ravikumar, Jamie Tanguay, Amanda Sigouin, Tina Stege, Mark Stege and Alaka Wali

comprised a variety of ecological and social science methods including structured interviews (e.g., dietary diversity, knowledge transmission), semistructured interviews (e.g., exploration of foodways and resilience), community surveys (e.g., catch per unit