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Sarah Pink and John Postill

laundry amongst the emergent Indonesian middle classes, thus offering an ideal example through which to examine how mundane everyday practices are implicated in imagined futures. Participants who had moved between being busy professionals in Indonesia to

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Andrew Dawson

taking place within Australia as a consequence of the pandemic, and broader transformations in Australians’ post-colonial relations to and intimacies with the United Kingdom. Behind Every Larrikin Is a Bureaucrat: Australia's Dirty Laundry A common

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The Pandemic of Productivity

The Work of Home and the Work from Home

Suchismita Chattopadhyay

-building process ( Rao and Shalia 1986 ). The college initially offered courses in laundry, cooking, needlework, mother craft, first aid, hygiene, physics, chemistry and dietetics. Home science courses in 1938 also included courses in music, dance and other

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Girls’ Work in a Rural Intercultural Setting

Formative Experiences and Identity in Peasant Childhood

Ana Padawer

through role-play and gradual incorporation into the domestic activities of social reproduction. There was a basic division of labor by sex on the farms I visited: girls like Sonia were initiated into caring for younger siblings, doing laundry, and cooking

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Melissa Feinberg

position of secretary, most of the employees were communists who advised her to arrange her marriage according to the “communist formula,” that is, she should send her child to a nursery, eat in the factory canteen, have the laundry done in the state

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Perverse Economies of Intimate and Personal Labour

Resuming Domestic Work in Households after the Lockdown

Pooja Satyogi

humid and stuffy bathroom. To add to her consternation, she often saw used washable masks dumped in the laundry that she had to wash with her hands. Her own mask, she could not trash in any of the houses. The assumption of the linear flow of infection

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City Sterilization and Poverty Management

Examining a Mobility Hub in the “Redevelopment and Enhancement” of Downtown Tallahassee

Christopher M. McLeod, Matthew I. Horner, Matthew G. Hawzen, and Mark DiDonato

community to ensure “access to quality health care, food, housing, education, and stable income.” 33 Services included telephones, Internet, computers, shower and laundry facilities, information and referral services, travel assistance, medical care, case

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Made in Nigeria

Duress and Upwardly Mobile Youth in the Biography of a Young Entrepreneur in Enugu

Inge Ligtvoet

other choice” if he wanted to go to school. He refused to settle for a life on the street making money through criminal activities, the only other choice available, according to him, and the easy way out. Fortunately, his laundry business took off, and

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High-rise social failures

Regulating technologies, authority, and aesthetics in the resettlement of Taipei military villages

Elisa Tamburo

disruption of the relocated inhabitants, in this article I focus on other relevant, yet overlooked, factors—that is, the regulative and normative role of the high-rise. Figure 4: The informal settlement: laundry hanging in the alleys (© Elisa Tamburo). This

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Why Does God Get It Wrong?

Divine Fallibility in Athens and Jerusalem

Gabriel Kanter Webber

worshippers were caring for their murtis in what was almost a parental capacity: providing food, shelter, sweet-smelling surroundings, laundry services. (Similar practices took place in Ancient Greek worship 3 and in a number of other religions.) The Hindus