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Lenience in Systems of Religious Meaning and Practice

Maya Mayblin and Diego Malara

question and central contribution of this special section is to reappraise discipline by training a lens on its counterpart: lenience. The term ‘lenience’ is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as the “fact or quality of being more merciful or

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Discipline (and Lenience) Beyond the Self

Discipleship in a Pentecostal-Charismatic Organization

Bruno Reinhardt

this special section—the relation between discipline and lenience—from an ecclesiological angle in order to examine the multiple ratios and modes of disciplinary agency assembling a Ghanaian Pentecostal-charismatic denomination with a transnational

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The Alimentary Forms of Religious Life

Technologies of the Other, Lenience, and the Ethics of Ethiopian Orthodox Fasting

Diego Malara

deflation of tigab through cycles of deprivation and lenience. As will be apparent by now, we are not dealing with an unambiguously neat dualism. In her incisive analysis of Christian medieval asceticism, Caroline Bynum (1987: 6) notes that “efforts to

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Diana Espírito Santo

exactly by its relationship to its ‘exteriors’, and that lenience (or lenience-as-plasticity) is built into this process as a principle of assemblage and adaptation—it is, in the end, what makes the self-system continually move itself. A large part of the