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From Villainous Letch and Sinful Outcast, to “Especially Beloved of God”

Complicating the Medieval Leper through Gender and Social Status

Christina Welch and Rohan Brown

In Leprosy in Medieval England , Carole Rawcliffe argued that leprosy was a disease that “played a notable part in the medieval imagination and was accorded significance far beyond the physical threat it actually posed to the population.” 1 The

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‘Double Sorrow’

The Complexity of Complaint in Chaucer’s Anelida and Arcite and Henryson’s Testament of Cresseid

Jacqueline Tasioulas

than might occasionally be acknowledged. Cresseid’s abandonment is more complete than Anelida’s, her leprosy having estranged her from society as a whole. Her complaint comes in her first night in the leper house, when she retreats to a dark corner

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Niki Megalommati

life, or suffered from leprosy. 76 A wife could obtain a divorce if her husband was physically unable to perform his conjugal duties for three years, if he had conspired against her life, or if he suffered from leprosy. 77 The Isaurian legislation did

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A Woman Would Marry a Woman

Reading Sifra on Lesbianism

Laliv Clenman

the yevamah (the ceremonial release of a widow bound to her brother-in-law through levirate marriage); the purification of the metsora (purification from leprosy); and the seir hamishtaleach (the biblical scapegoat used for the purposes of ritual

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The Making of a Fundamental Value

A History of the Concept of Separation of Church and State in the Netherlands

Mart Rutjes

, “Although I have the highest respect for the separation of church and state, we should not translate it as some kind of leprosy, in the sense that one could [not] or should not meet one another.” 68 Although the “meeting” of church and state in most cases