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Descended from the Celestial Rope

From the Father to the Son, and from the Ego to the Cosmic Self

Jadran Mimica

The dialectics of fatherhood and sonship among the Yagwoia of Papua New Guinea has multiple actualizations whose concrete reality and significance can be adequately understood only through individual-biographical life situations and trajectories. Accordingly, the focus is on the lifelong course of the relationship between a man and his father through which the individual specificities of the incorporative dynamics indigenously lived as 'implantation' and 'bone extraction' are consummated in diverse modes. One of these results in a common psycho-cultural form of Yagwoia egoity and self-consciousness wherein, after his death, the father becomes his progeny's protective spirit, especially his son's. Through detailed accounts and dream analyses, the article shows the critical importance and reality of culturally specific archetypal themes and imagery in the everyday life of individuals, and the indelible impact that they have on the psyche of concrete persons.

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Shakespeare and War

Honour at the Stake

Patrick Gray

account of the war with Catiline, Sallust claims that ambition first entered the world with the Persians, Athenians and Spartans. These empires, he says, were the first ‘to subdue cities and nations, to make the lust for dominion [ libido dominandi ] a

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James K. Beggan

resulting orgasm is extremely frustrating, as it decreases the libido without providing any actual pleasure … a common method of tease and denial seen in femdom.” In another definition, it is viewed as “stopping all stimulation just before the orgasm

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In Pursuit of Masculinity

On Aging Bodies, Migration and Youthful Masculinities

Usman Mahar

” to “fight” aging and remain beautiful. Men worried about the perception of their masculinity defined by their productivity, libido, and physical strength. A decline in the aforementioned attributes among others was seen as unfavorable, and youthful

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Jesús Tronch

significant member of the ruling elite. Instead, he is a liberal petit bourgeois proudly disinterested in politics (60). His libido is inhibited; likewise, he feels no special duty to set right a world ‘out of joint’. Theatre-goers hear Shakespeare’s prince

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Family Life in Tunisia after the Revolution of 2011

Two Women and Two Men in a Changing Time

Irene Maffi

for him it represented ‘the cemetery of social life and of libido’. He also told me he did not wish to have children and that he would probably have only one because his fiancée wanted to. Hayet Hayet is 49 years old and is a very active and lively

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Sol Neely

for the Village Voice , pans the film as “shitty” but nevertheless admits, “There’s actually something going on in Deadgirl ; the initial ‘teen male sexual libido’ automatically equaling ‘sexual violence’ formulation goes in a slightly different

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Hamlet’s Catch-22

A Psychoanalytic Reading of Hamlet and Catch-22

Bahareh Azad and Pyeaam Abbasi

expectations in which the libido is bound to the object is brought up and hypercathected’, 58 and partly because of the non-stop recurring of the deaths sequel (particularly that of Kraft, about which Yossarian feels guilty) and the victims’ improper burial

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Tuğçe Kayaal

(books of libido), which incorporated the depictions of both homoerotic and heterosexual sex, were condemned for promoting abnormality. Such literature was gradually replaced with the medical text and medical advice manuals inculcating heterosexual sex as

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India Halstead

organized normative sexuality the same way that it organized labor. Shifting the libido away from the genitals would, in the words of Marcuse, “first manifest itself in the reactivation of all erotogenic zones and, consequently, in a resurgence of pregenital