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Cosmologies and Lifestyles

A Cultural Ecological Framework and Its Implications for Education Systems

Phil Bayliss and Patrick Dillon

This essay critiques the majoritarian, post-Enlightenment, scientific worldview, the assumptions it makes about human cosmologies and lifestyles and how, in turn, these assumptions influence the nature of education systems. The critique focuses on how the experiences of minority cultures, particularly those cultures that are nomadic or pastoralist, challenge some of the fundamental premises of majoritarian education. There follows a cultural ecological framing which compares the ways in which Western (majoritarian) cultures and minoritarian cultures contextualise education. In Western educational situations, structures, contexts and schemata are substantially pre-defined, and we talk about things as 'context-dependent', since context is something that can be described as the backdrop to behaviour. In minoritarian cultures both meaning and context emerge from people's interactions with their environments and may subsequently be described. These are respectively relational and co-constitutional manifestations of situations. We present a cultural ecological framework in an attempt simultaneously to embrace both interpretations.

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Aliabad of Shiraz

Transformation from Village to Suburban Town

Mary Elaine Hegland

Anthropological participant observation, in-depth, open-ended interviewing and oral history reveal aspects of social change and modernisation that have taken place in Aliabad, Iran, over more than half a century. These developments have transpired in interplay with economic, political and cultural processes. As a result of economic transformation from sharecropping and trading to urban-style jobs, and due to outside influences as a consequence of advances in transportation, communication, education and travel, villagers have been able to make other choices. Through bottom-up social and political change, relationships in all areas of life have become less authoritarian and hierarchical and more egalitarian and subject to negotiation and individuation.

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Motorcycling in 1980s Athens

Popularization, Representational Politics, and Social Identities

Panagiotis Zestanakis

Papakonstantinou, a popular rock singer of the time. The song can be associated with a series of representations that circulated in early 1980s Greece. Many cultural products, such as movies, songs, and publications sketched out motorcycling as a deviant lifestyle

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Naomi Caffee, Paul Dukes, and Aimar Ventsel

. Paul Dukes University of Aberdeen Lifestyle in Siberia and the Russian North Joachim Otto Habeck, ed. (Cambridge, UK: Open Book, 2019), 490 pp. ISBN paperback: 978-1-78374-717-7; ISBN cloth: 978-1-78374-718-4. This is an edited volume

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“Save the Men!”

Demographic Decline and the Public Response in the Late Soviet Period

Tricia Starks

their lifestyles would not solve the issue: I am not convinced that the answer is that a man should hang around the kitchen with his wife. Incidentally, Marx also had a wife. And she, by the way, did not demand that her husband rearrange his life to

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Welcome to “Planet Porno”

Masculinity, Sexuality, and Fitness Doping

Jesper Andreasson and Thomas Johansson

experiences and lifestyles. The aim of the study is to explore the connections between bodybuilding, (hyper)masculinity, sexuality, and the construction of subcultural and sexual spaces. The study will be guided by the following research questions: RQ1

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Stiletto Socialism

Social Class, Dressing Up, and Women's Self-Positioning in Socialist Slovenia

Polona Sitar

factors through participation in a lifestyle, created and expressed through shopping and other behaviors important for their power to symbolically communicate a sense of belonging in a modern and cosmopolitan society. 1 The citizenry in socialist

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Migration and Redefining Self

Negotiating Religious Identity among Hazara Women in Germany

Saideh Saidi

really became a Muslim’. For them, wearing the hijab is an act of faith that provides solace and a sense of renewal into their lives. Participants feel that maintaining ‘back-home’ values were important because wholly accepting a Western lifestyle would

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Civilization as the Undesired World

Radical Environmentalism and the Uses of Dystopia in Times of Climate Crisis

Stine Krøijer

consumerist lifestyle pursued by local villagers who live around the forest and mine. The activists’ vision of civilization as dystopian does not mainly take the form of cautionary stories or narratives, but is performed in actions that are aimed at producing

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The White Cotton Robe

Charisma and Clothes in Tibetan Buddhism Today

Magdalena Maria Turek

worn all the time instead of the red monastic one, it becomes an exceptional emblem, worn not simply to underline a ritual function, but to signify individual accomplishment enhanced by an ascetic lifestyle. It is not automatically worn by all who