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Clarifying Liquidity

Keynes and Marx, Merchants, and Poets

Rolf Hugoson

modern form of life from the outset. 1 Rather than giving Bauman the final word, I suggest we explore the history of the concept of liquidity. But first, let us briefly analyze Bauman's invention. Although his book Liquid Modernity begins with a

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Offshore Desires

Mobility, Liquidity and History in Shakespeare’s Mediterranean

Rui Carvalho Homem

with an ironical, indeed crass cogency, at the intersection of the literal and figurative: mobility and liquidity. Besides the evident primary relevance they have when the topic is displacement by/across stretches of water, both words have socio

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Peter Oakley

Comedy of Errors illustrates not only that the money chain as object type mediated a diverse range of relationships and interactions in Renaissance Europe, but also that the money chain’s social liquidity led to a measure of disquiet and critical comment

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Ingolfur Blühdorn

“Liquid modernity” is a concept that Zygmunt Bauman suggested to

describe a certain condition in advanced modern societies where changeability,

unpredictability, and unreliability have become core features

determining individual life and social interaction.1 Diminishing party loyalty

and increasing voter volatility, erratic but often vociferous articulation

of political preferences and participation, and a marked shift towards populism

all belong to the political fallout from Bauman’s condition of liquidity.

With his notion of the “fluid five-party system,” Oskar Niedermayer has

further developed the metaphor.2 On the one hand, his concept attempts

to capture the new structural characteristics of the German party system,

i.e., its fragmentation and structural asymmetry. On the other hand, it

seeks to capture the changed relationship between the individual parties,

specifically their mutual demarcation and rapprochement in the context of

coalition strategies. Indeed, having to compete in a five-party system and

trying to optimize their strategic position in a context of high unpredictability

is the major new challenge Germany’s political parties are having

to confront.

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Beverly Crawford Ames and Armon Rezai

Gold Standard of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was backed by Great Britain and the city of London to provide liquidity which supported deficit countries. Between 1875 and 1913, financial crises were few and far between. When Britain was

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Other Sides

Loving and Grieving with Heart of a Dog and Merleau-Ponty's Depth

Saige Walton

and the lyrical. Lolabelle's death, in particular, is figured as a vast, golden ocean. Depth as Liquidity and as Revelation Like other sadness-related emotions such as mourning, despair, or sorrow, grief is often described as feeling pressured

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Can a financial bubble burst if no one hears the pop?

Transparency, debt, and the control of price in the Kathmandu land market

Andrew Haxby

, accounted for the vast majority of the banks’ liquidity. Thus, when the war’s end opened the door to more brazen forms of financial investment, Nepali banks were well positioned to take advantage. The country, however, was still in shambles, with few sectors

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Vistas of Future New Mobility Studies

Transfers and Transformations

Georgine Clarsen, Peter Merriman, and Mimi Sheller

now, a place of liquidity and flows … and feel that I must explain that the study of mobilities is also historical and critical, and includes a critique of such discourses. Or I get people who think that studying mobilities is “Eurocentric” and anti

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Teppo Eskelinen

more optimally it functions: liquidity, together with a high volume of trading, is seen to imply more accurate price signals as it allows optimal preference satisfaction in the market ( Tapiero 2010: 3 ). It has been a long-term genuine belief of

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Contesting the Social Contract

Tax Reform and Economic Governance in Istria, Croatia

Robin Smith

longer—the seller is out of pocket due to both the VAT and the price of the good. This compounds liquidity and debt problems. Since business-to-business transactions are often for large volumes of goods, such as 30,000 euros of wine sold to a