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Vertical Love

Forms of Submission and Top-Down Power in Orthodox Ethiopia

Diego Maria Malara and Tom Boylston

at other times people describe the overwhelmingly vertical nature of their social relationships as an injustice and an imposition. This is because relations of love and exploitation alike are understood as basically unequal. We will suggest that the

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Authentic Love and the Mother-Child Relationship

Catrin Gibson

In Being and Nothingness , 1 Jean-Paul Sartre claims that all love is doomed to failure. Love is another manifestation of the fundamental project to become God. To become God is impossible, yet it is what all humans strive for in their personal

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Love and Violence

Sartre and the Ethics of Need

Katharine Wolfe

Love and Violence: Sartre and the Ethics of Need It could be argued that Jean-Paul Sartre's Critique of Dialectical Reason substitutes Being and Nothingness' s ontological account of interpersonal violence, arising from bad faith, for a

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Troilus and Criseyde and the ‘Parfit Blisse of Love’

Simone Fryer-Bovair

Troilus and Criseyde can be called a love story on many counts. Its story celebrates the development of Troilus and Criseyde’s romantic love for one another and then laments the dissolution of their relationship. The conclusion of the poem is

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Love Jurisdiction

Perveez Mody

This article examines claims about the substantive importance of black letter law for those having marriages of choice in India and offers a critique of the ways in which legal procedure is manipulated. The law is 'bent' not only by the courts and the police to undermine the intentions of legislators and to uphold conservative communal values but also by ordinary people who seek to promote their own agendas and to make moral and instrumental claims. These can make significant space for individual desires and self-choice in the realm of intimate relationships. 'Love jurisdiction' is used to explore this process of 'intermanglement' through which love, romantic relationships and moral rights in relationships get entangled (and sometimes mangled) through legal statute, procedures and everyday practices.

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Love, Motherhood and Migration

Regulating Migrant Women's Sexualities in the Persian Gulf

Pardis Mahdavi

This article looks at the confluence of love, labour and the law by focusing on the regulation of migrant women's sexualities in the Gulf Coast Cooperation countries of the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Migrant women increasingly comprise the majority of migrants to the region as the demand for intimate labour in the Persian Gulf is on the rise. But migrant women who become pregnant while in the Persian Gulf are immediately imprisoned and charged with the crime of zina. These women give birth while incarcerated and spend up to a year with their babies in prison. They are then forcibly separated from their children when they are deported, rendering the children stateless in the host country. Migrant women who are often brought to the Persian Gulf to perform (re)productive labour are seen as immoral if they engage in sexual activities during their time in the Persian Gulf (and this is written into their contracts), and thus are seen as unfit to parent their own children. Some migrant women have recently been protesting these laws by refusing and fighting deportation without their children. This article contrasts discourses about migrant women's sexuality and legal analysis with the lived experiences of selected migrant women and their children through ethnographic research conducted in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait City between 2008 and 2014.

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An Unaccountable Love

Healing and Sacrifice in Post-Genocide Rwanda

Nofit Itzhak

be gifted to God, I realised, because for some, like Alice and others like her, suffering itself could become a precious thing. The suffering my interlocutors lived, after all, was tied to their story and history, to what they once had and loved and

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‘Love Merchandized’

Money in Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Manfred Pfister

dedicated to the emotions of love, although these are apparently furthest removed from the cash-nexus of economic and pecuniary interactions. And this is precisely what I shall try to do in my brief and cursory reading of Shakespeare’s sonnets: to reveal the

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‘Men Don't Cry Over Women’

Expressions of Love and Grief in Egyptian Popular Music

Ahmed Abdelazim

overwhelming love of a man for his female neighbour, to whom he threatens to let himself ‘fall’ by drinking alcohol and smoking weed if she dumps him. The song's vast success granted the artists an invitation to sing in Cairo's stadium in front of eighty

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Love as Resistance

Exploring Conceptualizations of Decolonial Love in Settler States

Shantelle Moreno

Love in a Settler State: A Starting Conceptualization In this article, I seek to engage non-white settlers, particularly racialized settler and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, 2-Spirit, and queer (LGBT2SQ+) identified individuals, in an