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Beyond Metaphor

Corporeal Sociability and the Language of Commerce in Eighteenth-Century Britain and France

Joseph D. Bryan

Scholars of the eighteenth century have largely characterized la querelle du luxe as a historically situated moral complaint about luxury's effects: contemporaries feared that luxury would deplete courage and virtue, effeminize men, confound

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The Opposite of Custom

Fashion, Sumptuary Law, and Consuetudo in Fifteenth-Century Northern Italy

M. Christina Bruno

Mosher Stuard has shown that the male relations of women bound by Italian laws were often the drafters of those laws, treading a fine line between encouraging expanding luxury markets abroad for their products, and legislating to limit their use at home

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A “Whirlpool of Gain”

French Aristocrats and Atlantic Merchants in Northern European Port Cities after 1789

Janet Polasky

Hamburg and Altona. 28 However, if the port cities had traditionally offered consolation to the afflicted, the French aristocrats soon strained the hospitality of the two cities. A society ready to admire their fading luxury was not what these émigrés

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Of Traiteurs and Tsars

Potel et Chabot and the Franco-Russian Alliance

Willa Z. Silverman

Between 1893 and 1901, the Parisian traiteur Potel et Chabot catered a series of gala meals celebrating the recent Franco-Russian alliance, which was heralded in France as ending its diplomatic isolation following the Franco-Prussian War. The firm was well adapted to the particularities of the unlikely alliance between Tsarist Russia and republican France. On the one hand, it represented a tradition of French luxury production, including haute cuisine, that the Third Republic was eager to promote. On the other, echoing the Republic’s championing of scientific and technological progress, it relied on innovative transportation and food conservation technologies, which it deployed spectacularly during a 1900 banquet for over twenty-two thousand French mayors, a modern “mega-event.” Culinary discourse therefore signaled, and palliated concerns about, the improbable nature of the alliance at the same time as it revealed important changes taking place in the catering profession.

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Eva Maria Blum and Gisela Welz

The article analyses a long-term conflict centred on an abandoned shipyard situated across the Tagus from the historical city centre of Lisbon. Since 1999, ambitious plans to build high-rise office towers and luxury apartments on the deserted site polarized politics and public opinion in the area, and local struggles about what to do with this former industrial waterfront became a catalyst for debates that reverberated through the entire country, throwing into sharp relief conflicting cultures of modernity that compete for hegemony in Portuguese society. In our study that spans the years 1999–2007, we consider urban planning and the political controversies spawned by urbanist interventions as a privileged site for the investigation of the cultural construction of modernities.

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From the Auto-mobile to the Driven Subject?

Discursive Assertions of Mobility Futures

Katharina Manderscheid

analyzed data. Two Visions of Driverless Automobility For my empirical analysis of sociotechnical scripts, I will focus on two current projects and prototypes: the so-called Google car 42 and the Mercedes-Benz F 015 “Luxury in Motion.” These two

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Darius in the Shadow of Alexander by Pierre Briant

Dmitry Shlapentokh

totally different way. They were absolutely alienated from the troops, wallowed in luxury and indulged their sexual appetites without restraint. The problem with a Western leader such as Alexander the Great was as a result of his temptation to follow the

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Beyond the Binary

A Close Reading of Gender-Fluid Masculinities in Gucci's Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

Judith Beyer

made Gucci one of the most successful fashion brands at the moment ( Nembhard 2018 ). Kering, the luxury company that has owned the Gucci Group since 1999, recorded a rise of 45 percent in Gucci sales to €6.2 billion in 2017 ( Gapper 2018a ) and

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Marissa C. de Baca

's of the interior. In Baober in Love , urban sites, like luxury penthouses and factory lofts, can become masculine or feminine. Yet, Huang also designates Baober's body as a site, a place where the protagonist imagines herself pregnant. Thereby, her

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Molding Nineteenth-century Girls in the Cape Colony into Respectable Christian Women

Elizabeth Dillenburg

pathways from girlhood to womanhood. However, as Duff perceptively discerns, Molteno's very ability to keep a diary was a luxury that other girls, including Molteno's young black servant, Ellen, could not afford. Such observations draw attention to the