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Enfants du maquis en Algérie

Un héritage explosif

Abderrahmane Moussaoui

viols, de violences sexuelles et autres asservissements. Elle peut être élargie également aux enfants nés de ces viols, voire à tous les enfants nés dans le maquis. Ni les circonstances de l’accomplissement de ces viols, ni les motivations de leurs

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Michael D. Jackson

In 2003, anthropologist and poet Michael Jackson went to French Catalonia with the intention of crossing the Pyrenees on the anniversary of Walter Benjamin's fateful journey on 25-26 September 1940. Retracing Benjamin's steps over a tortuous terrain of vineyards, stony paths and Mediterranean maquis, Jackson meditates on the life and work of the great twentieth-century philosopher, critical theorist, and essayist, as well as on the ways that events beyond our control or comprehension impact on and shape the course of our individual journeys through life.

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Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Children in the Middle East

Erika Friedl and Abderrahmane Moussaoui

born to the maquis during the decade of violence Algeria experienced in the 1990s. Born and raised in the maquis , children went down to town with their parents, in favour of the reconciliation act. However, despite the remarkable progress made by

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Think Global, Fight Local

Recontextualizing the French Army in Algeria, 1954–1962

Terrence G. Peterson

the floor of the United Nations. The seizure of Egyptian arms shipments and the defection of the young soldier Henri Maillot to the Communist maquis seemed to offer further confirmation. 43 Whether they attributed the FLN's success to direct Communist

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The Origins of the Stanley Hoffmann We Knew

Some Comparisons on his Vichy Years with My Family Story

Peter Gourevitch

forged French papers, in case of a police demand in the train, and they left at night, back to Lamalou. The Hoffmanns returned to find the town full of German soldiers. The villagers had sons in the maquis , where they had fled to escape expulsion to

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A Phone without Names

Distrust and Duress in Côte d’Ivoire

Kathrin Heitz-Tokpa

; Gérard, fifties, Wǫ-speaking; Aka, forties, Akan-speaking, barkeeper, maquis. References Akindès , Francis . 2004 . The Roots of the Military-Political Crises in Côte d’Ivoire . Uppsala : Nordiska Afrikainstitutet . Arjona , Ana , Nelson Kasfir

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Impatient Accumulation, Immediate Consumption

Problems with Money and Hope in Central Kenya

Peter Lockwood

cannot be reduced to outward-oriented performances. Sasha Newell's (2012: 99) similar work on youth ‘bluffing’ in Côte d'Ivoire describes the performance or demonstration of a “spectacle of wealth” when drinking at outdoor bars ( maquis ). Newell

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Les circulations entre France et Algérie

Un nouveau regard sur les migrants (post)coloniaux (1945–1985)

Muriel Cohen

pas les maquis 9 , tandis que la sortie du territoire algérien est également réglementée 10 . En novembre 1961, alors que les familles algériennes fuyant les violences de guerre et les camps de regroupement arrivent en nombre croissant en métropole 11

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Derrière le massacre d’État

Ancrages politiques, sociaux et territoriaux de la « démonstration de masse » du 17 octobre 1961 à Paris

Emmanuel Blanchard

Figaro avaient pu lire, le 18 octobre, que les Algériens et les Algériennes, « bravant le couvre-feu décrété par le gouvernement, avaient pris le métro et le bus comme s’ils prenaient le maquis dans les Aurès ou dans le Djurdjura ». Cette phrase peut

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The Algerian Café-Hotel

Hub of the Nationalist Underground, Paris 1926–1962

Neil MacMaster

Paris. 46 Mohamed B., a leading FLN cadre, was a liaison agent between France and his home in Oudja, on the Algerian-Moroccan border. He trafficked arms and medical supplies for the maquis , recruited combatants in France, and organized their transit