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Hyun-Gwi Park

This article presents an ethnographic study of watermelon cultivators in the Russian Far East and how they approach and respond to climatic risk. For watermelon cultivators, the spatial boundaries of climatic risk are perceived as the baseline condition for the watermelon market, in which cultivators compete with each other by dealing with uncertainties caused by weather changes. While the market is linked to the spatial boundaries of climatic risk, this connection is only meaningful when there are weather changes that differently affect individuals within the boundary; weather changes that affect individual performance in the competitive watermelon market is perceived according to a recursive and cyclic timescale, rather than a linear one as discussed by most theories of the Anthropocene.

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Measuring the Sustainability Performance of Our Decisions

The Best Practice Price Sustainability Metrics

H. J. (Huub) Lenders

Private and societal costs have their origin in the classic and neo-classic era. The market, based on private costs, ignores externalities, while actors fail to gain access to information on societal costs, causing a gap. The best practice price (BPP), a sustainability metric, can fill this information gap. Based on science and the weighted opinions of stakeholders, best practices for basic production factors such as land, labor, and natural resources are identified and their costs calculated. Producers can use these data to calculate the BPP of their products. Besides the market price (the price to be paid), the BPP is mentioned on the invoice and price tag as representing the costs of production according to the best practices. The ratio of market price (MP) to the BPP ‒ the BP ratio (BPR) – makes comparison of different products possible. Using the BPR, producers, public entities, and consumers can set goals for sustainable production or consumption.

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Elias L. Khalil

seven times higher than the usual price. Despite the hefty price, there was a long queue of consumers. Evidently, even though the consumers were charged an unjust price, defined by the ongoing market price, the consumer surplus of the consumers would be

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Refugee Hospitality Encounters in Northern Portugal

“Cultural Orientations” and “Contextual Protection”

Elizabeth Challinor

same time, however, he recognized that they needed a transition period to support them, claiming that he did not want to charge the market price like creditors at the end of financial rescue plans that immediately serve countries with their debt ratings

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Can a financial bubble burst if no one hears the pop?

Transparency, debt, and the control of price in the Kathmandu land market

Andrew Haxby

are buying or have put up for collateral, banks will send formally independent evaluators who calculate the land’s market value according to a number of factors, including access to roads, water, and other resources, as well as the market price of

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Selin Çağatay

Society was eligible to participate in the tenders initiated by the army, and poor women workers with their below-market price for labor became attractive candidates for employment (243). All in all, the Society provided jobs for around fifteen thousand to

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Forgotten moralities of agrarian economy in Bali

Production and exchange, business and friendship

Graeme MacRae

August 2007, more than 30 farmers entered an agreement with PTDB to meet their production costs and buy their crop at slightly above market price, with mild sanctions for underproduction and bonuses for excess production. For the farmers, this was an

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Richard Westra

goods as value objects where sensuous, qualitative aspects of goods are suppressed to enable quantitative differentiation of goods in terms of market prices. The article concludes that if future small-scale eco-sustainable economies come to pass, to the

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Dissenting Voices?

Controlling Children’s Comics under Franco

Rhiannon McGlade

the same freedoms struggled both economically – forced to pay the market price for paper – and against substantial bureaucracy in order to be able to produce and distribute their publications with any semblance of periodicity. Naturally, the overtly

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The Color of French Wine

Southern Wine Producers Respond to Competition from the Algerian Wine Industry in the Early Third Republic

Elizabeth Heath

commodity to be protected from the homogenizing logic of the global market. This commodity’s value was not determined, or at least not wholly determined, by taste, alcohol content, market prices, or even the congealed abstract labor within it, but rather