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Khul‘ Divorce in Egypt

How Family Courts Are Providing a ‘Dialogue’ between Husband and Wife

Nadia Sonneveld

In the year 2000, Egyptian women were given the right to unilateral divorce through a procedure called khul'. Khul' became the source of much controversy in Egyptian society, and most judges interviewed by the author expressed a negative viewpoint when asked about it. Nevertheless, the introduction of the Family Court system in 2004, with the explicit aim of solving marital disputes through mediation and communication, has made possible a 'dialogue' between husband and wife in a khul' procedure. This applies even in situations where mediators and judges profess an unfavourable opinion of women who file for khul' divorce.

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Shalom Sabar

While it is widely known that the Jews of medieval Spain carried with them their language, literature and other traditions to the countries in which they settled following the Expulsion in 1492, little research has been conducted on the preservation of their material culture and the visual arts. In this article, these aspects are examined vis-à-vis the Judaic artistic production and visual realm of the Sephardi Jews in Morocco, who adhered to these traditions perhaps more staunchly than any other Sephardi community in modern times. The materials are divided into several categories which serve as an introduction to specific topics that each require further research. These include Hebrew book printing, Jewish marriage contracts (ketubbot), Hebrew manuscript decoration, clothing and jewellery relating to the world of the Sephardi-Moroccan woman and the interior of the home, and ceremonial objects for the synagogue.

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Reinventing Anthropological Topics

Soheila Shahshahani

who live under the same roof without a formal marriage contract in Iran, to discuss the terms used to describe such unions (‘white marriage’ vs. ‘black marriage’), to discuss views of various religious authorities (a range of views from those who call

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Stanley Chojnacki

’s wealth as registered in the Catasto, or fiscal census, of 1427. 7 There are no equivalent Venetian figures, but marriage contracts spell out in detail the annual rents from the real estate portion—often substantial—of many dowries. In their contract of

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The Perfect, Impossible Love

Three Egyptian Film Adaptations of Romeo and Juliet

Rafik Darragi

, and threatens to kill Karīm if she refuses. Informed of the marriage ceremony by a cousin, Karīm races to the Kassas’ house and exhibits his marriage contract with Salma. Furious, her father takes out a revolver and aims at Karīm, but Salma throws

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Interfaith Families

A Jewish Perspective

Edward van Voolen

Jewish, and so, of course, is the marriage contract (Ketubah). But that is not necessarily the case for a decorated canopy, and neither is the albeit characteristic custom of breaking a glass originally Jewish. But there is nothing wrong with it when the

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Erika Friedl

bazar offered necessities, such a bread, that women earlier had provided at home with the help of their daughters. Marriage talk and marriage contracts showed that brides (and their families) were looking out for their future material well

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Pity Silenced

Economies of Mercy in The Merchant of Venice

Alessandra Marzola

Shylock in the first place. Portia’s deals of mercy, however, are not enough to settle accounts or to finalize deals. As the ring plot illustrates, the homoerotic love between Antonio and Bassanio lingers on as a barrier to the forming of marriage

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Magdalena Rodziewicz

agreement is not a necessary condition for a marriage. In his Resale-ye touzih-e masa'el-e nouin (Explanation of the new issues), Sadeqi Tehrani wrote that ‘the marriage contract is valid in every language, also when it is executed without words nekah

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Cutting the Face

Kinship, State and Social Media Conflict in Networked Jordan

Geoffrey Hughes

University Press ). Hughes , G. ( 2015 ) ‘ Infrastructures of Legitimacy: The Political Lives of Marriage Contracts in Jordan ’, American Ethnologist 42 , no. 2 : 279 – 294 . 10.1111/amet.12130 Hughes , G. ( 2016 ), ‘ The Proliferation of Men