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In Pursuit of Masculinity

On Aging Bodies, Migration and Youthful Masculinities

Usman Mahar

disengagement and by particular roles that only come with old age ( Lamb 2014 ). What kind of masculinity does ageless engagement promote vis-à-vis a mature disengagement or meaningful decline? People's life-histories and ethnographies of aging can help us to

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“The Dragon Can't Roar”

Analysis of British Expatriate Masculinity in Yusuf Dawood's One Life Too Many

Antony Mukasa Mate

Yusuf Dawood's One Life Too Many (1987) is a poignant exploration of the life of British expatriate Sydney Walker in colonial and postcolonial Kenya. The text epitomizes the nexus between power and masculinity through the rise and fall of the

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Daniel Lewis

up directly after lying down, and going out, and coming home tired at sunrise” (1876: 348). Dickens's explorations of sleep, dreaming, and sleep disorders in “Night Walks” illustrate a complicated negotiation between hegemonic ideals 1 of masculinity

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Lowry Martin

is incessantly evolutionary and fluid. These representations not only add to a global conversation about sex tourism, forbidden sexual identities, and ideas of masculinity, but they also implicate real and imagined borders—economic, cultural, and

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Boys, Inclusive Masculinities and Injury

Some Research Perspectives

Adam White and Stefan Robinson

Sport has traditionally been tasked with the social function of developing masculinity among boys and men in Western society ( Connell 2008 ; Mangan 2000 ). Through its homosocial and hypermasculine structure, sport was useful for the construction

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James K. Beggan

is consistent with the notion that male viewers take on the male porn star's perspective. Masculine Control and External Ejaculation A defining feature of masculinity is to achieve and maintain control ( Kimmel 1996 ). In addition to the

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Robyn Singleton, Jacqueline Carter, Tatianna Alencar, Alicia Piñeirúa-Menéndez, and Kate Winskell

In Latin America, research on gender and masculinities has been conducted over the past several decades across contexts of social, political, and economic transformation, including the influence of feminist movements on social, health, and policy

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“Why Do We Ask Them About Their Gender, If We Then Go on to Do Nothing with It?”

Constructions of Masculinity in Youth Justice in England and Wales

Eric Baumgartner

continues to neglect issues of masculinity” ( Dominelli 2002: 156 ). If responses to youth offending aim to be appropriate to the needs of the young (gendered) people involved in youth crime ( Fitzpatrick 2017 ), then considering issues around masculinity

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Combustion, Hydraulic, and Other Forms of Masculinity

An Essay Exploring Dominant Values and Representations of the Driver in Driverless Technology

Sarah Redshaw

presents an analysis of representations of drivers in advertising and promotion of motor vehicles and changes in technology. The dominant representation of the driver is what I refer to as combustion masculinity, where the emphasis in advertising is on

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A New Kind of Monster, Cowboy, and Crusader?

Gender Hegemony and Flows of Masculinities in Pixar Animated Films

Elizabeth Al-Jbouri and Shauna Pomerantz

representing masculinities, especially considering the marketing of such films predominantly toward children. Indeed, between 1995 and 2019, Pixar released only three films with female leads out of its 19 offerings: Brave (2012), Inside Out (2015), and