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"This Video Call May Be Monitored and Recorded"

Video Visitation as a Form of Surveillance Technology and Its Effect on Incarcerated Motherhood


This article argues that the implementation of video visitation in correctional facilities is a mechanism of control used to enact punitive measures for regulating mothers who act outside the dominant paradigms of motherhood. Because prisons were designed to surveil and mothers have historically been surveilled by institutions, incarcerated mothers are often overlooked when we discuss the surveillance methods used to keep institutionalized motherhood intact. This article builds on existing scholarship characterizing surveillance technology’s role in criminalizing poor mothers of color, and considers the ways in which surveillance technology is used to normalize these mothers during their incarceration. Applying a Foucauldian framework, this article explores how adapting Video Visitation (VV)—a Skype-like video chat program—enables correctional facilities to extend the role of “watcher” and expand the panoptic gaze, which prompts mother-to-mother surveillance and intensifies self-surveillance. The article concludes by drawing attention to VV’s structure and its ability to expand correctional facilities’ surveillance to the children of incarcerated mothers.

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João de Pina-Cabral

Throughout the second half of the twentieth century, anthropologists failed to elaborate on theoretical concepts such as the 'human condition'. In face of the fact that they did not abandon their scientific calling or the label 'anthropology', this must surely be taken as surprising. The article argues that this silence is possible due to an ideational performance here called the 'all-or-nothing syndrome'. This depends on a skeptical fallacy: the condition of those who, because they cannot have it all, despair of having what is there to be had. The article also explores the Davidsonian notions of 'indeterminacy' and 'underdetermination' as possible paths out of this quandary. It suggests an approach to ethnographic knowledge based on the principles that underscore the mechanisms of control that engineers call 'fuzzy logic'.

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Peter Herrmann

(nation-state, the enterprise, the park, etc.; also including mechanism of controlling access); (3) the matter of interaction “on a subject area” (production of goods, provision of services, negotiation of conflicts, including the accessibility of research

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Israel's Ground Forces in the Occupied Territories

Policing and the Juridification of Soldiering

Eyal Ben-Ari and Uzi Ben-Shalom

legal frameworks and practices that govern military action. Third, to accommodate these new ways of managing armed violence and to maintain its public support and legitimacy, the IDF has instituted multiple organizational mechanisms of control and force

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Groped and Gutted

Hollywood's Hegemonic Reimagining of Counterculture

Samantha Eddy

-Guzman 2016 ; Smith et al. 2017 ). This dominant representation is pivotal to the functioning of America's hegemonic media. Hegemony is a mechanism of control by which those dominating social structure normalize their powerful positions such that their

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Powerlessness and Unfairness

A Letter to Jan Zielonka

Henri Vogt

even know who possesses those mechanisms of control. One comes to think of an iron cage of liberalism in Weberian/Parsonsian terms (although that concept is not mentioned in your book), a profound paradox given the idea of openness that should

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The Magic of Bureaucracy

Repatriation as Ceremony

Laura Peers

mechanisms of control that forms an intrinsic part of the structure of the situations in question” ( T. Turner 1977: 61–62 ). Thus, museums dictate the terms of engagement for and the processes of repatriation, from setting policies describing what they

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Slowness as a Mode of Attention and Resistance

Playing with Time in Documentary Cinema and Disturbing the Rhythms of the Neoliberal University

Domitilla Olivieri

( Berg and Seeber 2016 ). In these last years, during my (field)work as a teacher, researcher, and coordinator of master's programs, I have experienced many of the mechanisms of control, minute time-management, and metrics measurements that these texts

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Erin R. Eldridge

mask “the messiness of human life.” Labels imposed by government “mechanisms of control” can make anything unappealing “disappear from sight.” Although Herzfeld was not talking about industrial waste, the conceptual and legislative boundaries imposed on

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Moving Onward?

Secondary Movers on the Fringes of Refugee Mobility in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

Jolien Tegenbos and Karen Büscher

different analytical starting point. While many migration scholars have “returned to the study of the refugee label,” exploring the mechanisms of control and deconstructing the categories, academics working on mobilities tend to go further to better