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Media Ecologies of Autonomous Automobility

Gendered and Racial Dimensions of Future Concept Cars

Julia M. Hildebrand and Mimi Sheller


The imagination of automated automobility puts into question the control of the vehicle by a masculine driver and potentially disturbs feelings of safety, power, security, and freedom. Given that systems of automobility and communication technology are already gendered and racialized in particular ways, this article explores how recent “premediated” depictions of automated car technologies reconfigure and reproduce the historically gendered and raced representations, meanings, and practices of (auto)mobility. This inquiry employs a media ecological approach within the qualitative analysis of two concept car previews by Nissan and Volvo. Rather than a degendering of the driver, we suggest a multiplication of gendered and racialized technologies of mobility via several forms of hypermediation. We also explore how the autonomous car continues to evoke utopian spatial metaphors of the car as sanctuary and communicative environment while allaying fears of dystopian metaphors of the vehicle as traffic trap, virtual glass house, and algorithmic target.

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Lu Yang

Planetary Techno-Orientalism

Christophe Thouny

) planetary life and/as media ecology (Where am I? Horla!). 1 The first three approaches do raise important questions but remain too partial. If an internet creature, cultural origin is not important. The setting of their world is Asian, yes, and lends itself

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Outlining Conceptual Practices in Comics

Ilan Manouach

transformation of media ecologies both as a challenge and an opportunity. Another factor that we need to take into account is that access to media content increasingly occurs in information-intensive contexts. Networked technologies have their own specific

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Digital Activism, Physical Activism

Malta’s Front Harsien ODZ

Michael Briguglio

, social networks, online mobilization, media performances, modular repertoires, media ecologies, media strategies, and networked social movements to analyze the role of digital media in environmental mobilization. Front Harsien ODZ in Context Front

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Enacting Moving Images

Film Theory and Experimental Science within a New Cognitive Media Theory

Joerg Fingerhut and Katrin Heimann

.g., by capturing how a predictive brain dovetails into specific media ecologies; Fingerhut 2021 ), and the more fine-grained interaction with a specific filmic work (e.g., with respect to the reward we experience when we reinstate predictability within

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Autonomous Driving and the Transformation of Car Cultures

Jutta Weber and Fabian Kröger

system could give way to a “ruling-class masculinity” associated with the “calculating rationality of technical specialists” and engineers. In “Media Ecologies of Autonomous Automobility: Gendered and Racial Dimensions of Future Concept Cars,” Julia

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Adapting the Rhetoric of Authentication of Riad Sattouf’s La Vie secrète des jeunes

Guillaume Lecomte

ability of the two art forms to present narratives in sequences of images. 17 Moreover, the space that film adaptations of comics occupy within the contemporary media ecology and popular discourses is a clear manifestation of the affinity between the two

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More Than Trolleys

Plausible, Ethically Ambiguous Scenarios Likely to Be Encountered by Automated Vehicles

Noah Goodall

:// . 3 Kathleen Frazer Oswald, “A Brief History of Smart Transportation Infrastructure,” Transfers 6, no. 3 (2016): 123–129, . 4 Julia M. Hildebrand, “Media Ecologies of Autonomous Automobility: Gendered and

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Mimesis and Conspiracy

Bureaucracy, New Media and the Infrastructural Forms of Doubt

Michael Vine and Matthew Carey

the very heart of this paranoid media ecology is the seductive figure of the hyperlink, which works to conjoin and entangle even as it separates and fractures, simultaneously making and withholding the promise that, in the end, ‘all will be revealed

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What Is Analysis?

Between Theory, Ethnography, and Method

Martin Holbraad, Sarah Green, Alberto Corsín Jiménez, Veena Das, Nurit Bird-David, Eduardo Kohn, Ghassan Hage, Laura Bear, Hannah Knox, and Bruce Kapferer

. Some climate scientists have embraced the challenge of being better communicators and vociferous activists. This has required that analysis itself be extended to include not only the analysis of atmospheric systems but also the analysis of media