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Bülent Diken

, is a caring sister but slowly turns into a harsh critique of Aydın’s pretentious intellectual mediocrity. Nihal is unhappy about her life and contemplating divorce. She finds refuge in charity work, for which she needs Aydın’s money, in this way

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Adrian van den Hoven

In this hilarious satire Sartre takes aim at the French bourgeois press, pokes fun at Beckett, Camus and especially his own philosophy. He creates a fictitious swindler Georges de Valera who assumes the identity of a so-called defector Nekrassov. Together with Sibilot, who is in charge of the anticommunist page at Soir à Paris, they bamboozle the editor Palotin (based on Pierre Lazareff) and the entire board into beleiving that Nekrassov is the Soviet Minister of the Interior who has just defected. The bourgeois are portrayed as gullible mediocrities who in the name of anticommunism are willing to believe “anything” Nekrassov tells them. In the end the “genius” Nekrassov absconds with Sibilot's daughter and the paper is forced to print yet more lies to explain his disappearance. The play is composed of eight tableaux that illustrate Sartre's talents as a comic writer. The play was not a commercial success. The critics panned it and the public was unwilling to believe that all defectors from the U.S.S.R. were fakes. Also, soon after the play was produced the anticommunist hysteria began to diminish and the Hungarian uprising put paid to any notion of a benign Soviet union.

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A Social Negotiation of Hope

Male West African Youth, ‘Waithood’ and the Pursuit of Social Becoming through Football

Christian Ungruhe and James Esson

purchase in examining how this migratory disposition is turned into practice among male West African youth seeking to enact social becoming. Football Migration: European Allures, African Mediocrity, and a Dubious Business Football as a means of migration is

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Coronavirus with “Nobody in Charge”

An open reflection on leadership, solidarity, and contemporary regional integration

Harlan Koff and Carmen Maganda

. Maybe, however, we expect too much from them. MacGregor Burns notes that “the fundamental crisis underlying mediocrity is intellectual” (1978, p. 2). When in recent times have we publicly addressed leadership and regional integration in intellectual

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Lionel Blue

be taken for granted. The situation has gone for a redemption by mediocrity. This confinement, this imprisonment can only be ended when we turn away from the mechanism of religion, of which we are all past masters, and plunge into the core of

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Peter Oakley

combination of material and formal mediocrity, together with the underlying value of their material composition, which led to their eventual assimilation into the muster. In contrast to the recursive divisibility of the money chain, the muster was

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Eli Thorkelson, Guy Redden, Christopher Newfield, Brigitte Bönisch-Brednich, and Marie-Pierre Moreau

ecology is not just changing: a large part of it is collapsing into irreversible mediocrity, with predictable negative social effects. Urgent issues include the widespread withholding of institutional data that privatises decision-making and makes research

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Trying on the Veil

Sexual Autonomy and the End of the French Republic in Michel Houellebecq’s Submission

Seth Armus

, will enjoy his description of gatherings of academics at the Institute of the Arab World. It echoes gatherings at the German Institute during the Occupation: a few zealots, but mostly mediocrities filling their bellies at the richly supplied troughs

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Recursivity and the Self-Reflexive Cosmos

Tricksters in Cuban and Brazilian Spirit Mediumship Practices

Diana Espírito Santo

manifestations and display a sense of playfulness. For instance, Emerson Giumbelli (2010: 114) notes that Leal de Souza, one of Umbanda’s first documenters and authors, used the phrase “high knowledge disguised as mediocrity” to characterize Umbanda’s entities

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An Autopsy

Jean-Christophe Menu and Fabrice Neaud

sincerity make mediocrity easier to swallow? I'd go even further: I've already caught myself out feeling a certain empathy for talentless authors of autobiographical works; is that an example of proximitism ? Neaud: Dear Jean-Christophe, I think there