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Miraculous Healing for the Warrior Soul

Transforming Fear, Violence, and Shame in Fourteenth-Century Provence

Nicole Archambeau

This article considers the crises of plague, civil war, and mercenary invasion that Provençal communities faced in the years between 1343 and 1363. Canonization inquest testimony reveals that both combatants and noncombatants prayed to the holy woman, Countess Delphine de Puimichel, to heal the spiritual sickness of violence. In their testimonies, witnesses relived moments of crisis when they had used Delphine's special relationship to God to escape death, fear, and humiliation.

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Sylvle Lacombe: ‘Veau d'or’ et ‘loyauté mercenalre’: la place de I'économlque dans les ldéologles globales canadlennes, 1896–1920/‘Golden Calf’ and ‘mercenary loyalty’: the place of economy In Canadian global Ideologles, 1896–19201 ‘Goldenes Kalb’ und ‘Soldnerloyalltiit’: Der Platz des Okonomlschen In den globalen ldeologlen Kanadas, 1896–1920/‘Becerro de oco’ y ‘lealtad mercenarla’: lo economlco en las ldeologlas globales canadlenses, 1896–1920 C. J. Fuller: The ‘Holy famlly’ of Shiva In a South Indian temple/La ‘Sainte famllle’ de Shiva dans un temple de I'lnde du sud/Shhra's ‘Helllge Famllle’ In elnem sudlndlschen TempeVLa ‘sagrada familla’ de Shhra en un templo del sur de la lndia John Knight: Tourlst as stranger? Explaining tourism In rural Japan/Le tourlste comme étranger? Une analyse du tourisme dans le Japon rural/Der Tourlst als Fremder? De Tourlsmus lm ländllchen Japan erklären/Turlsta extranlero? Expllcando el turlsmo en el Japon rural Iréne Belller: Morallté, langue et pourvolrs dans les lnstltutlons européennes/Morallty, Language and Powers In the European Institutions/Moralldad, lingua y poderes en el european lnstltuclons

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Shiran Avni

; he sends three mercenaries to perform the task so that the third kills the first two mercenaries, resulting in three victims (Banquo and the two mercenaries). The number three also links the role of the Porter to that of the witches in an important

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Shadow Soldiering

Shifting Constellations and Permeable Boundaries in “Private” Security Contracting

Maya Mynster Christensen

soldiers, private contractors are perceived as being motivated by “compensation in excess”—as people who, much like the mercenary, go to war without ideological and sacrificial ideas ( Taussig-Rubbo 2009: 106 ). Lacking the sacrificial component, their

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Samira al-Khawaldeh, Soumaya Bouacida, and Moufida Zaidi

probably to the rest of Europe. The city's ambience may modify but not completely cancel the chaos once grafted therein by an offspring of the Spanish Inquisition. The nobleman seems to remind those ‘mercenaries’ outside his gate that Venice is a civilised

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Co-constituting Bodyguarding Practice through Embodied Reflexivity

Methodological Reflections from the Field

Paul Higate

the world—most obviously Iraq and Afghanistan—have played host to contractors of considerable interest to the media, with the so-called mercenary company Blackwater noted as a particularly high-profile case in point. The commodification of security and

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Ryan Goeckner, Sean M. Daley, Jordyn Gunville, and Christine M. Daley

culmination of an eight-month struggle between American Indian and allied protesters and law enforcement, private mercenaries, and state and federal government officials over the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) under Lake Oahe by the Texas

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Marcel Mauss

Egyptians etc., they fight for them as mercenaries or vassals; later they will fight as chiefs. 10 Equipped with horses and camels, they are also merchants and caravanners like the Bedouins and the Touaregs of our times, or like Mahomet. The geographical

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Peter Oakley

, that makes it such an appropriate gift at these moments. In situations where offering an acknowledged currency would be considered too uncouth or mercenary, and where appearances or at least reasonable doubt needs to be maintained, gold jewelry remains

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Germany and the United States

Whither “Partners in Leadership”?

Matthew Rhodes

, resentment of British-hired Hessian mercenaries was balanced by appreciation for Prussian Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben’s contributions as the Continental Army’s Inspector General. The two nations’ parallel rise as consolidated, industrializing powers