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L'Armée, la haute function publique et le massacre de Thiaroye en 1944 au Sénégal

Bureaucratie impériale et petits meurtres entre amis

Martin Mourre


This article focuses on the Thiaroye massacre on 1 December 1944. Senegalese tirailleurs returning from Europe were killed by their officers simply for claiming the money they were owed. In this article I do not focus on the course of events, nor even on their political consequences, but rather on the way the events were explained by French authorities just after the tragedy. I take as my subject the biographies of several figures from the French state who were involved in the narration of these events. I try to see how these men were socialised in similar spaces. I am more specifically interested in the methods used by these administrations to write about the massacre. This article helps to better understand the French imperial state and the violence in the colonies and the link between military violence and political violence

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The Political Ecology of Vladimir Arsen’ev

Sergey Glebov

-appointed protectors of the national and imperial realm, military officers, explorers, and administrators took it upon themselves to defend both nature and indigenous populations on Russia's Far Eastern frontier, primarily from the alleged predatory exploitation by the

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“Deception begins with trade … ”

Vladimir Arsen’ev’s Economic Expertise and Challenges of Rationalizing Imperial Diversity in the Taiga

Aleksandr Turbin

/ethnographer/topographer, etc.), or, for example, the career military officer or Arsen'ev “the vanquisher,” valiantly strengthening the “buffer which had been withstanding the onslaught of the yellow race.” 8 This article does not look to add another alter ego of Arsen

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Ryan Tucker Jones

novel Dersu Uzala , and cinema scholars, intrigued by Akira Kurosawa's masterful film adaptation of that work, have most critically engaged with the Russian polymath's work (Arsen'ev was, after all, a military officer, an explorer, an author, an

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Unbecoming Veteranship

Convicted Military Officers in Post-authoritarian Argentina

Eva van Roekel and Valentina Salvi

crimes unpunished. 2 But this changed in the early 2000s with the annulment of the laws and the reinitiation of thousands of prosecutions for crimes against humanity ( Lichtenfeld 2005 ). When the (mostly retired) military officers who had participated

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Bodily Transgression

Conflicting Spaces and Gendered Boundaries of Modernity and Islam in Contemporary Turkey

Mahiye Seçil Dağtaş

As Islamic discourses and practices gain increasing public visibility in Turkey and redefine the gendered boundaries of the state, officers' clubs have become the ideal national 'public sphere' of the military and therefore the site in which female citizens' bodies are displayed as the secular markers of Turkey's modernity. Focusing on an anecdote from ethnographic research on wedding ceremonies held in military officers' clubs in Istanbul, this article explores how the competing discourses on modernity and secularism are manifested and contested concretely in specific gendered, corporeal, emotional and spatial practices in contemporary Turkey.

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Le Rallye Méditerranée-le Cap

Racing towards Eurafrica?

Megan Brown


The retired military officers who organized the Rallye Méditerranée-le-Cap, a biennial car race from Algiers to Cape Town, did so to promote Eurafrica. Eurafrica, an idealized geopolitical fusion of the continents, would be a site of European partnership, with the rally literally paving the way. When its wealthy participants first took to the road in 1951, France, Belgium, and Britain administered much of the course. This article argues that the organizers viewed tourism as the best method for upholding European sovereignty in Africa. However, they did not account for new ways of doing empire in the postwar era, most notably the strength of anti-imperial activism and the advent of technologies that did not require direct access to large swathes of land. By the time of the fifth and final rally in 1961, organizers contended with realities they preferred to ignore: newly independent African states and the ongoing Algerian War of Independence.

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Women and War in the Balkans

A Comparative Review Essay

Maria Bucur

categories of women, from those who volunteered primarily as nurses to the best-known female military officer, Ecaterina Teodoroiu, participated in the war effort. The descriptive aspects of these stories are quite rich. The author has done impressive work in

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Ophelia Is Not Dead at 47

An Interview with Nabyl Lahlou

Khalid Amine and Nabyl Lahlou

Translator : Katherine Hennessey

’état’, an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate King Hassan II on 10 July 1971, led by rebel Moroccan military officers Lieutenant-Colonel M’hamed Ababou and General Mohamed Medbouh. 5 Moroccan slang for ‘penis’. 6 The play was also staged once, in October

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Given Names and Lived Closeness

Kinship Measurement in the South Sudanese Citizenship Office

Ferenc Dávid Markó

-ranking, mostly Dinka and Nuer military officers ran the civilian administration. 7 Measuring the Similarity of Names as Genealogical Closeness The introduction and standardization of surnames has been frequently used by states to make society legible for