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Joerg Fingerhut

and aesthetic phenomena within the cognitive sciences. I will then tackle naturalized aesthetics in a more applied manner using one of Smith’s prime example of research in neuroaesthetics, namely the role of the mirror neuron system (MNS) for empathy

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David Davies

neurons in macaques code for the meaning of action can be explained purely in terms of priming and associative connections. Second, there are challenges to the supposed evidence for the existence of a mirror neuron system in humans analogous to the one

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Jerrold Levinson

of others. In other words, that there is a certain kind of psychological state in which we do not merely feel for a fellow human being, but feel with her. (2017: 73) But does the mirror neuron system really provide evidence of the psychological

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“Mind the Gap”

Between Movies and Mind, Affective Neuroscience, and the Philosophy of Film

Jane Stadler

“direct, experiential form of understanding” of other people’s (or film characters’) actions and emotions (100). In terms of the aforementioned triangulation of perspectives, the mirror neuron system “is the neural substrate that ‘implements’ our

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The Cine-Fist

Eisenstein’s Attractions, Mirror Neurons, and Contemporary Action Cinema

Maria Belodubrovskaya

, Jacques . 1987 . Montage Eisenstein . Bloomington : Indiana University Press . Baird , Amee D. , Ingrid E. Scheffer , and Sarah J. Wilson . 2011 . “ Mirror Neuron System Involvement in Empathy: A Critical Look at the Evidence .” Social