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Peter Merriman

different ways. Some of these mobilities may be imperceptible and “molecular” in a particular instance, while others may be perceptible and “molar”—or rather, some mobilities are in the process of becoming molar, while others are in the process of becoming

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Conceptions of the ‘good life’ and the various accounts of human well-being almost always entail some reference—direct or indirect—to physical and psychic health. The very term ‘disease’ implies ‘disease’, an absence of that which renders the human condition agreeable. There are many dimensions to disease, and to its counterpoint, ‘good health’. These range from concerns with therapy and the therapeutic to the advance of our understanding—in the modern world through the natural and social sciences—of illness, and from the cultural significance of disease to the economic costs and implications of ill-health and its management. Under the conditions of ‘modernity’ the nature and meaning of illness and of disease, though still culturally contested, has changed. Modern science has rendered the previously ‘inscrutable’ open to scrutiny and explanation. The advance of therapy is now inextricably bound up with the explanation of illness at the microbial, molecular and genetic levels. One consequence of the modern science of medicine has been to underwrite a quest for cures—paradigmatically embodied in new surgical interventions and technologies as well as, iconically, in the quest for ‘magic bullets’ represented, to begin with, by Paul Ehrlich’s salvarsan and later extended to antibiotics and to new-generation ‘designer drugs’.

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Film as the Engine for Learning

A Model to Assess Film's Interest Raising Potential

Winnifred Wijnker, Ed S. Tan, Arthur Bakker, Tamara A. J. M. van Gog, and Paul H. M. Drijvers

forms dependent on the learning objective. For example, in a chemistry course about molecular cooking, the learning objective could be to familiarize students with concepts of chemical processes and their occurrence in the real world. Interested

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Queer Sinofuturism

The Aberrant Movements and Posthumanist Mutations of Body, Identity, and Matter in Lu Yang's Uterus Man

Gabriel Remy-Handfield

to fight his enemies. Through several weapons that attack and modify his enemies on a molecular level, Lu Yang's protagonist interrogates the capacities of a body to mutate, to affect, and to be affected. The identity of the character is then always

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Arsen’ev’s Lament

A Century of Change to Wildlife and Wild Places in Primorye, Russia

Jonathan C. Slaght

and Steve O'Brien, “Applying Molecular Genetic Tools to the Conservation and Action Plan for the Critically Endangered Far Eastern Leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis),” Comptes Rendus Biologies 326: S93–S97 (2003), here S94. 24 Arsen'ev, Kratkii

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Sanne van der Hout and Martin Drenthen

. Rondon , Sean F. Brady , Jon Clardy , and Robert M. Goodman . 1998 . “ Molecular Biological Access to the Chemistry of Unknown Soil Microbes: A New Frontier for Natural Products ”. Chemistry & Biology 5 : 245 – 249 . 10.1016/S1074

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Can Time Be Tricked?

A Theoretical Introduction

Felix Ringel

physical processes of decay and decomposition did not. The ship’s slow and, in the long run, presumably determinate disintegration at a molecular level is ceaselessly spurred on by the brackish harbour water, salty air, heavy winds and regular rain showers

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Andrew Dawson and Simone Dennis

metaphoric language was not only one of generalised attack and defence, but also one of hand-to-hand combat, deception and even espionage. In a paper published in Molecular Cell in March 2019, Mary Clare Rollins and colleagues reported their discovery that

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Alan Crookham, Nina Finigan, Elizabeth Plumridge, and Michelle Horwood

David M. Lambert . 2011 . “ Ancient DNA Recovers the Origins of Maori Feather Cloaks .” Molecular Biology and Evolution 28 ( 10 ): 2741 – 2750 . 10.1093/molbev/msr107 Harwood , Hokimate P. 2011 . “ Identification and Description of Feathers in

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Visceral non-presence

Ethnography in the age of COVID

Jessica Brinkworth, Korinta Maldonado, Ellen Moodie, and Gilberto Rosas

-3099(20)30120-1 Fehr , A. R. and S. Perlman ( 2015 ), ‘ Coronaviruses: An overview of their replication and pathogenesis ’, in H. Maier , E. Bickerton and P. Britton (eds), Coronaviurses (Methods in Molecular Biology 1281) ( New York : Humana Press