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What Is Money?

A Definition Beyond Materiality and Quantity

Emanuel Seitz

This article takes seriously this special issue’s claim that money’s quantity is material. Three questions, however, arise at once. First, what is money? Second, is quantity an essential property of money? Third, is materiality an essential property

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Peter Oakley

that the price of gold accurately reflected investor anxiety was not controversial. But having supported the 100-year-long project to try to wean the world off gold as money, the world’s central bankers were less than enthusiastic to give the yellow

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‘Love Merchandized’

Money in Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Manfred Pfister

The state of our national, European and global economies is of a kind to strike headlines every day on toppling markets, monetary imbalances or dubious financial transactions and thus puts the question of money, its nature, value and uses, into high

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“Money Is Life”

Quantity, Social Freedom, and Combinatory Practices in Western Kenya

Mario Schmidt

Whenever I conduct fieldwork in Kaleko, 1 a small market center situated between Kisii and Kisumu, I am baffled by the mutually exclusive perspectives that jo -Kaleko (people of Kaleko) have on money. The people often portray themselves as cattle

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Richard H. Robbins

“Before there was money, there was debt. Before there was an American republic, there was America’s national debt. Over the last three decades, the neoliberal reordering of political economy produced a ‘debtor nation,’ a ‘republic of debtors,’ and

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Biography and Shakespeare’s Money

Portraits of an Economic Persona

Paola Pugliatti

James Clifford says, we wish to direct ‘our attention to the complex ways in which cultural patterns shape individual behaviour and experience’. 29 Money in Shakespeare biography The Shakespeare we want is not the man trivially attending to his worldly

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‘Money on the Street’ as a Hoard

How Informal Moneylenders Remain Unbanked

Martin Fotta

authorities and much money in loans to Jurons (non-Gypsies). His reputation lends social capital and support to households associated with him. In São Gabriel, one such tent settlement was located on a small hill close to a town entrance. Its strongman

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Money and the Morality of Commensuration

Currencies of Poverty in Post-Soviet Cuba

Martin Holbraad

One can think of anthropological literature on money as an empirical rumination on the classical idea that money’s power turns on its dual nature as both means and measure of exchange. 1 With reference to this idea, one finds in the literature a

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Impatient Accumulation, Immediate Consumption

Problems with Money and Hope in Central Kenya

Peter Lockwood

bag). 2 It was there that Iregi usually waited alongside his peers for an opportunity to make a small amount of money, either by ‘asking’ ( kũhoya ) others to give him a few coins, perhaps a 50 KES note, or by taking a job offered by local market

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Injury and Measurement

Jacob Grimm on Blood Money and Concrete Quantification

Anna Echterhölter

, such matters would be resolved by contracts indicating precise monetary sums. But these agreements would be meaningless if the units of measurement were not clearly indicated therein. Metrology, or measurement, connects money’s referentiality to