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Leslie Paul Thiele and Marshall Young

mature individual, mythology and fairy tales are supposed to give way to rational analysis. Within academia this evaluation is common. Natural and social scientists typically disparage ‘anecdotal evidence’. Narratives are seen as optional supplements at

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Michael Schuldiner

his trip with Sebastia Junyer to Paris in which narrative was provided. 4 However, Picasso’s most important foray into the world of the comic strip was no doubt his 1937 etching and aquatint, The Dream and Lie of Franco [ Sueño y mentira de Franco

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A Vision of the Viewer

Situating Narration in the Fiction Film in the Context of Theories of Narrative Comprehension

Joseph P. Magliano and James A. Clinton

Narrative comprehension results from building a durable mental representation of the narrative events (e.g., Kintsch 1988 ). The vast majority of narrative comprehension research has been within the text domain rather than visual narratives (e

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Chris Gavaler

formal qualities only, extant definitions are problematic because their constituent terms – ‘images’, ‘sequence’, ‘narrative’ – are themselves ambiguous. What, for example, differentiates two juxtaposed ‘images’ from an ‘image’ composed of two parts? In

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Narrating the Second World War

History Textbooks and Nation Building in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

Lina Klymenko

and linguistic components of discourse about the Second World War in Ukrainian school history textbooks. 6 In contrast to these studies, this article conceptualizes a history textbook as an assembly of narratives, and explores how a narrative of a

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The Shadows of Knowability

Reading between Opaque Narrative and Transparent Text

Younes Saramifar

that may not be there at all. Am I being transparent enough in questioning the opaque aura of an object? The torch of ember and its puzzling knowability are my exemplars, serving to open the question of opacity and transparency in narrativity. I

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Narratives of Development

An Anthropological Investigation into Narratives as a Source of Enquiry in Development Planning

Taapsi Ramchandani

’s success story so far. My findings would inform project plans going forward. I chose to include local narratives in my final report in order to present a holistic picture of how people understood economic development, to whom or to what they attributed the

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Narratives of Ambivalence

The Ethics of Vulnerability and Agency in Research with Girls in the Sex Trade

Alexandra Ricard-Guay and Myriam Denov

. While it is important to acknowledge the abuses committed against minors in the sex trade, this one-dimensional narrative may come into opposition with how the girls themselves perceive their experiences, and may actually hinder an understanding of the

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Carl Plantinga

estrangement. The third part demonstrates some of the contours of an ethics of engagement, showing how it might operate in relation to character engagement, narrative closure, and paradigm scenarios such as the revenge scenario. Ethics would be far less

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Anticipation and Episodic Time

Cheryl Mattingly

follow (protention) ( Carr 1986 ; Grøn and Mattingly 2018 ). 1 In philosophy, this temporal configuring of a ‘three-fold present’ has been explored in more complex and extended examples of lived time where it has been explicitly linked to narrative