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Seeing Green

Visual Technology, Virtual Reality, and the Experience of War

Jose N. Vasquez

This article addresses the question of how visual technology—night vision, thermal imaging, and virtual reality—has changed the experience of war for both combatants and non-combatants. Video and still images are analyzed to draw out some of the phenomenological aspects of how technology mitigates the perception of combat and its resultant casualties. I argue that while visual technology makes the experience of war more intimate, it also generates psychological distance between the viewer and the viewed. Weapons equipped with visual technology facilitate war crimes by dehumanizing the individuals being targeted and filtering the carnage these weapons produce.

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Antonius C. G. M. Robben

violence has focused on the use of night vision equipment in combat operations ( Robben 2012 , 2013 ). Military commanders throughout history overlooked the battlefield from a high vantage point and conducted their troops with bugle calls or drum beats

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More than Darkness Preservation

The Importance of the Dark, Star-Filled Skies in Urban Areas

Yee-Man Lam

vision” is required for stargazing. As John Tallmadge (2008) extolled in his vivid and precise description: Night vision required short, jerky movements of the head and eyes to detect motion … Smell could reveal who had passed through and how long

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Ernst Leitz of Wetzlar and Helping the Persecuted

Scope of the Research and Some Reflections

Frank Dabba Smith

( Richtkreis-Kollimator 12m K12 ) and gun sights for Panzer tanks ( Turmzielfernrohr ). Later, Leitz worked closely with AEG to develop active infrared night vision equipment for tanks, which became especially important after Allied domination of Germany