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Alan Dowty

Research on Israeli nuclear weapons policy is seen as the classic case of conflict between security constraints and the academic ethos of openness. However, the 'ambiguity' of Israel's declared policy has eroded considerably over time, first to 'opacity' and now to simple non-acknowledgement. Furthermore, there have been vast changes in strategic circumstances: the initial rationale as a nuclear deterrent to conventional attack has been eclipsed by deterrence of other weapons of mass destruction. This is potentially a more promising platform for arms control agreements. The changes also call into question the need for the continued extension of censorship into academic research on the topic.

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Mark S. Micale

, whose great lifelong project was raising global human consciousness about the realities of a nuclear-armed world, explored it in penetrating detail for decades. 18 The Cold War’s sudden end offered a historic opportunity to ban nuclear weapons worldwide

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Editors’ Note

Slouching toward Armageddon

no less than a nuclear weapon that has the potential to ignite not only a regional war but also a cosmic explosion. The escalation of the religious war over the holy sites has been accompanied by intellectual, theological, and political developments

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Ocean, Motion, Emotion

Mobilities and Mobilizations in the Pacific

Matt Matsuda

Line Islands were used during the Cold War for nuclear weapons testing. In the decolonizing Pacific, independence in the 1970s brought self-government but also separation and claims for autonomy between different island groups. Marine products

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Decolonizing Cambridge University

A Participant Observer’s View

Keith Hart

ought to be illegal. In 2010 he drew up a sketch to get nuclear weapons banned by the United Nations working around the nuclear powers, not with them. The movement crystallized as the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN). In 2017, 122

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The Social Life of Contentious Concepts

Ronald S. Stade

the Cold War. As the Soviet enemy developed nuclear weapons and launched Sputnik, “thinking outside the box” and “thinking the unthinkable” became guiding concepts in US military circles. Today, creative thinking seems like an innocent enough

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Reflecting on Fifty Years of Democratic Theory

Carole Pateman in Conversation with Graham Smith

Carole Pateman and Graham Smith

either. There are now all sorts of challenges that I did not have to consider when I was writing Participation and Democratic Theory : environmental disaster, globalization, privatization, deregulation, the spread of nuclear weapons. How can we cope with

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Anna Tsing

that comes to us from cancer and nuclear weapons. Cancer, almost by definition, cannot be everywhere; cancer develops in organisms of non-cancerous cells. And yet, it proliferates. So, too, with nuclear weapons – and plantations. In the uneven

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Artificial Intelligence

Faith in Machine or Man?

Jan Martijn Meij

the imagery of nuclear weapon deployment at the end of World War II. However, the heat that we trap due to carbon is the equivalent of 400,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs each day (BM: 22). Four chapters are dedicated to the numerous impacts of climate

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Considerations on the Assassination of William Shakespeare

Richard Wilson

Testament only been presented to the world. Calvi must have seen he was holding a nuclear weapon, with power to “transculturalize” the “established order”. But no sooner had he shone his torch on the inscription “Florio” than he was interrupted. Of course