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Laurel Hart, Pamela Lamb and Joshua Cader

networked online relationships and community spaces to girls is revisited in Cader’s consideration of young women’s access to online forums. Drawing from his background in internet-based social movements, Cader examines the misogyny and cyberviolence that

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Tamara L. Mix

Employing an interpretive content analysis of online forums, the author examines use of environmental themes by the United States white separatist movement in its efforts to seek legitimacy and garner a broad base of support. The contemporary white separatist movement draws upon latent National Socialist environmental discursive frames linked to history, spirituality, and stewardship. The lack of a specific position on the environment in the movement permits the manipulation of environmental themes to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Appeals to right wing environmental, population, and anti-environmental audiences include a discourse of environmental skepticism, concerns about immigration and overpopulation and discussion of rights to nature and land. Appeals to left wing and mainstream audiences involve expressions of environmental concern, preservation, stewardship, and rights of nature. A narrative of networking using environmentalism's broad appeal, perceived concerns regarding immigration and population growth, and similarities in racial characteristics was also evident.

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Penny Welch and Susan Wright

them to reflect on their own progress at regular intervals and get feedback from their mentor. They also respond to the reports of other students in their small group and share their dilemmas and difficulties in a private online forum. Involvement in

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Working Hard, Hanging Back

Constructing the Achieving Girl

Colette Slagle

achieving girl as an object of knowledge produced through discursive statements. Paule then provides examples and analyses from various girl texts, including films, television, an online forum (one she specifically created in consultation with a group of

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Affective Solidarities?

Participating in and Witnessing Fair Trade and Women’s Empowerment in Transnational Communities of Practice

Debarati Sen

sites of consumption (in the West) through narrating their eyewitness accounts of fair trade in their home communities and occasional online forums. I asked Denis, a student volunteer, what he found out about the plantation and the effects of fair trade

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Attack Frames

Framing Processes, Collective Identity, and Emotion in the Men’s Rights Subreddit

Chelsea Starr

custody settlements, false rape accusations, sexual harassment, and domestic violence ( Messner 1998 ). The men’s rights movement as a whole manifests mostly in online forums, eschewing formal organizations. The internet provides all-male spaces that MRAs

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Dearly Departed

Communicating with the Dead in the Digital Age

Jennifer Huberman

encouraged to supplement the ‘talking cure’ with ‘the writing cure’. 8 These letters also suggest that the ‘embarrassment’ or ‘silencing of grief and mourning’ in American society may be on the wane, or at least may be deemed more acceptable in an online

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Nick Nguyen, Philippe Kaenel, Michael Kelly, Charles Forsdick, Rikke Platz Cortsen, Sylvain Rheault, Hugo Frey and Mark Nixon

websites, and most prefer to buy in supermarkets or general bookshops. This poses challenges to librarians, critics and other professionals. Some readers, especially those in their twenties, may participate in online forums, and a small minority attend

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Emma Celeste Bedor

drew to an end, a number of photographs of nude celebrities were stolen from their hacked Apple devices and posted to online forums (Hess 2014) . The discourses surrounding this event, however, have yet to highlight the parallel between these

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Mirko M. Hall

“aesthetic mobilization” into “moral concepts and attitudes toward life … against humanism and emancipation.” 85 And even Stiglegger wonders what might happen if the band’s symbols are removed from their hermetic context by fans. Judging from online forums