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Sarah Young

The origin story is an important element for any superhero/villain, as it provides context for a character’s seemingly out-of-this-world abilities. A radioactive spider bit Spiderman, and the Penguin was bullied in his youth. It can also be beneficial for surveillance scholars, inasmuch as it provides context for a once invisible but superhuman body of digital information that circulates as a proxy for us in digital milieus. This body is best understood through contemporary surveillance practices, yet metaphors of the panopticon and George Orwell’s 1984 proliferate in the surveillant imagination. I argue here that mapping an origin story onto a view of our data as a superhuman body not only creates a tangible representation of surveillance, but it also emphasizes and animates alternative surveillance theories useful for circulation in the surveillant imagination.

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This Was the One for Me

AfD Women's Origin Stories

Christina Xydias

that they offer for joining the party, accounts that this article terms “origin stories.” Gendered origin stories—explanations for joining the AfD that broadly differ between women and men—can be contextualized within the masculinist, natalist, and

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Adriana Streifer


Robert Daborne’s A Christian Turned Turk (1612) has attracted scholarly attention for its representation of English attitudes towards Islam, the economic and cultural allure of piracy, and the religious and political stakes of conversion. Yet the play also deserves to be considered for its treatment of Jewish characters, whose dynamicity complicates early modern understandings of Jewish difference. Daborne’s play links Jews to renegades – individuals who threaten England’s integrity by rejecting religious and national ties for the sake of personal profit. Applying the epithet ‘Renegado Jew’ to its main Jewish character, A Christian Turned Turk seeks to define the relationship between these two bogeymen of the English imagination. Drawing on a biblical origin story for renegades, as well as parallels between the play’s main Jewish and renegade characters, I argue that A Christian Turned Turk offers Jewishness as the proper lens through which to understand the allures and dangers of renegadism.

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Creative Critical Shakespeares

Rob Conkie and Scott Maisano

critical insights are made possible only or especially via creative strategies? And, indeed, how do critical perspectives impel creative (re)engagement with Shakespeare? I (Rob) say a beginning because there are multiple origin stories to this overall

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Stéphanie Ponsavady

), Peter Merriman, Cotten Seiler, and Noel B. Salazar offer their personal reflections on their own mobilities, now affected by the pandemic. They tell their “origin stories,” revealing how they came to be involved with Transfers , and assess the journal

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Lise Tannahill, Eliza Bourque Dandridge, and Rachel Mizsei Ward

unfriendly reception garnered by Marvel’s Truth: Red, White & Black (2002), which not only dared to imagine a Black Captain America origin story but also likened the Super Soldier program to the Tuskegee syphilis experiments. Andre Carrington lauds

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Sarah Wiliarty and Louise K. Davidson-Schmich

Women's Origin Stories” draws on state- and federal-level AfD officeholders’ political biographies and public statements to discern gendered explanations why women run for office under the banner of a party calling for women to assume traditional

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Deborah Kahn-Harris

which we all too often interpret the biblical text. Habel reads Genesis 1 as ‘an origin story in which the Earth and Elohim are both major characters with roles to play’. 13 From the outset, Habel treats the Earth as having intrinsic value and

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Making America Great Again in Christian Schools

Using Historical Narratives of Chaos and Order to Make “Real Americans”

Neall Pogue

such as slavery and racism as aberrations of an otherwise flawless and sacred national origin story. Upon publication, controversy ensued, including an official statement from the American Historical Association (AHA), which swiftly condemned the