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Accounting for Loss in Fish Stocks

A Word on Life as Biological Asset

Jennifer E. Telesca

Huxley, the towering nineteenth-century figure who argued that overfishing was impossible ( Hubbard 2006 ). This worldview still proves decisive in fisheries management today. By the middle of the twentieth century, fish population dynamics was at the

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Dan Brockington

uncertainty by quantifying risk under the rationale that they maximized profit.” Models of maximum sustainable yield, combined with legal rights over national waters, encouraged the overfishing of “stocks” whose abundance was assumed until decline (sometimes

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Mark C. J. Stoddart and Paula Graham

, protected areas, overfishing, and the risks of offshore oil development. While images of nature are essential components of the depiction of Newfoundland for the tourist gaze, as crafted by “insiders,” nature-based imagery and discourse is typically

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Mobile Disasters

Catastrophes in the Age of Manufactured Uncertainty

Steve Matthewman

uncontrollable. 14 The point about interconnection is absolutely fundamental. As the director of my institution’s Marine Science Institute put it, the biggest problem confronting the planet’s seas is not climate change, ocean acidification, overfishing, or

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Brexit, Sustainability, Economics, Companies’ Responsibilities, and Current Representations

contribution? In other words, the referendum avoided the issue of how to change the dominant economic paradigm of neoliberal market economics with its inclination to the commodification of natural phenomena that result in overfishing the world’s oceans

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Land, Nation and Tourist

Moral Reckoning in Post-GFC Iceland

Mary Hawkins and Helena Onnudottir

; and the creation of highly complicated financial vehicles ( Hawkins 2014: 62–64 ; Johnson et al. 2013: 183 ). Fishing quotas – catch quotas were in the 1970s allocated to boats in order to mitigate against overfishing – were used as collateral for

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Steve Kwok-Leung Chan

( Hodal & Kelly, 2014 ). High demand leads to overfishing and degradation of fish stocks, especially for coastal fishing. As to raising yields, on the one hand, and keeping costs low, on the other, there has been a general shift to hiring migrant workers

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Karen Hébert, Joshua Mullenite, Alka Sabharwal, David Kneas, Irena Leisbet Ceridwen Connon, Peter van Dommelen, Cameron Hu, Brittney Hammons and Natasha Zaretsky

sector can cause overfishing, leading to ecosystem collapse and a reduction in human well-being. However, deciding which services to manage and how can only be done through complicated and contested political processes, which are the topic of the second