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“Presentism” Versus “Path Dependence”?

Reflections on the Second World War in Russian Textbooks of the 1990s

Serguey Ehrlich

shapes the various views of the past,” with that of Barry Schwartz, who argues that “memory has both cumulative and presentist aspects.” 1 This controversy has been defined as one between “presentism” and “path dependence.” 2 In my opinion, this

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Explaining Germany's Electoral Geography

Evidence from the Eastern States

Steven Wuhs and Eric McLaughlin

Partisan attachments and voting behavior in Germany today are more volatile than in the past. This article tests the enduring influence of social cleavages on voting relative to two other factors that account for party performance: path dependent forces and spatial dependence. Drawing on original data from the eastern German states, we explain support for Germany’s main parties in the 2017 federal election. We find relatively weak evidence for continued influence of social divisions for the major parties, but that support for the radical right Alternative for Germany (AfD) did reflect underlying cleavage structures. Additionally, we identify reliable effects of the historical immigrant population on contemporary voting. We also see weak evidence of lock-in political effects associated with German reunification, limited only to the CDU. Most interestingly, we observe powerful and robust effects of spatial dependence for three of the four parties we examine. We conclude that the effects presented here should signal to scholars of parties and electoral politics the need to incorporate history and geography into their analytical frameworks alongside more traditional approaches, since eastern Germany may in fact be less spatialized than western Germany or other country cases because of the homogenizing efforts of the SED regime.

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Automobility and Oil Vulnerability

Unfairness as Critical to Energy Transitions

Ana Horta

mechanized mobility ( Dennis and Urry 2009 ), a process of path dependence was established and “locked” in the use of the petroleum-based car ( Urry 2004 ), which is very difficult to reverse. Automobility, Car Dependence, and Oil Vulnerability: The Case of

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Transport Coordination

Concluding Thoughts Based on the Case of Switzerland

Vincent Kaufmann

The way public transportation and highway policies are considered in tandem is determinant of how the means of transportation are used, and that policy choices have implications in the middle and long term as they forge path dependence. This paper discuss this issues, using the case of Switzerland—often considered a best-practice country in terms of coordination—to explore the obstacles encountered when transportation policies à la Swiss are "imported" to other countries.

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Methodology Matters in Iran

Researching Social Movements in Authoritarian Contexts

Paola Rivetti

of knowledge production also limit the effect of what can be called ‘methodological path dependence’. In fact, respondents often react to researchers on the basis of the assumptions they have about the researchers’ framework of analysis. This is valid

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Donatella della Porta

: Rogner & Bernhard . Mahoney , James , and Daniel Schensul . 2006 . “ Historical Context and Path Dependence .” In Oxford Handbook of Contextual Political Analysis , ed. Robert E. Goodin and Charles Tilly , 454 – 472 . Oxford : Oxford

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Precarious Connections: On the Promise and Menace of Railroad Projects

Peter Schweitzer and Olga Povoroznyuk

nostalgia and hitherto unfulfilled promises of the future. Thus, we might be dealing with a particular form of “path dependence” here, namely one in which railroad and state officials use traces of the past for their present and future political purposes. It

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Becoming an Agricultural Growth Corridor

African Megaprojects at a Situated Scale

Serena Stein and Marc Kalina

Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa .” World Development 38 ( 10 ): 1384 – 1388 . 10.1016/j.worlddev.2010.06.002 Jedwab , Rémi , Edward Kerby , and Alexander Moradi . 2016 . “ History, Path Dependence and Development: Evidence from Colonial

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Eirini Kasioumi, Anna Plyushteva, Talya Zemach-Bersin, Kathleen F. Oswald, Molly Sauter, Alexandra Ganser, Mustafa Ahmed Khan, Natasha Raheja, Harry Oosterhuis, and Benjamin Fraser

with the interdisciplinary scholar. Concepts such as locked-in decision making, path dependence, and skeuomorphism have long helped us make sense of the ways material infrastructures, technical standards, and culture structure experience and influence

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Scratches on our sovereignty?

Analyzing conservation politics in the Sundarbans

Jayashree Vivekanandan

transboundary conservation: How institutional structure and path dependence matter . Conservation and Society 11 ( 3 ), 420 – 428 . 10.4103/0972-4923.125758 Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity . ( 2011 ). Biodiversity planning for states