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Persistence and Disappearance of Traditional Patrilocality

Matrimonial Strategies and Postnuptial Residence Patterns in Two Eastern Siberian Communities of the Twenty-First Century

Vincent Zvénigorosky, Dariya Nikolaeva, Georgii Romanov, Aisen Solovev, Nikolai Barashkov, Éric Crubézy, Sardana Fedorova, and Christine Keyser

This article describes current matrimonial strategies and residence patterns in two communities in the Sakha Republic. In Tolon, a rural settlement in central Sakha, community exogamy is predominant and patrilocality is detectable in postnuptial residence patterns. In the sub-Arctic town of Khonuu no gendered residence patterns are observed. Khonuu has an airport and serves as a regional capital. In Khonuu matrimonial decisions follow the immigration of men and couples rather than traditional strategies connected with horse- and cattle-based subsistence. This article discusses the possible biological, historical, and cultural reasons that explain the observance or lack of observance of traditional marriage in the contemporary Sakha Republic.

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Replenishing Milk Sons

Changing Kinship Practices among the Sahrāwī, North Africa

Konstantina Isidoros

lightly in their subsistence searches. Patrilocality has long been associated with the ‘exchange of women’ through marriage, whereas my research suggests a conceptual shift: the idea of ‘circulating men’, and through milk kinship, 3 whereby, in cognitive

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Frank Battaglia

-Saxon Archaeology , ed. Helena Hamerow, David A. Hinton, and Sally Crawford (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011), 689. “Patrilocal exogamous intermarriage” is said, for example, to have brought to Kent the “possible Frankish marriage bride” with three radiate

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“Money Is Life”

Quantity, Social Freedom, and Combinatory Practices in Western Kenya

Mario Schmidt

and patrilocal homesteads of Patrick Ochieng and his brothers, which served as my main base during 11 months of intermittent fieldwork since 2009. 2 In exploring jo -Kaleko’s ambiguous relationships with money, I do not follow anthropological

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Svetlana Huusko

). A typical Evenki clan was patrilineal—a collective of blood relatives who had a common ancestry in the male line—and patrilocal. For the past four hundred years, Russian and Soviet authorities have sought to incorporate Evenkis into the wider Russian

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Ebola and Accusation

Gender and Stigma in Sierra Leone’s Ebola Response

Olive Melissa Minor

were literally pathologised ( Benton 2014 ). The restriction on movement created particular vulnerabilities for women who married outside of their home villages due to patrilocal norms. Women who marry into another village will also be termed a

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Comprehending Subjectivity in Vietnam and Beyond

Tine M. Gammeltoft

embrace: she had to demonstrate gentleness, patience, endurance, and self-sacrifice. Prescribed kinship in this part of Vietnam is patrilineal and patrilocal. Following cultural convention, therefore, Liên had left her parents’ home when she got married

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Michael Sheridan

day wrapped in a blanket at the base of a mudyi tree. This tree has milky latex sap, and therefore the Ndembu associate it with breast milk and the ties between mothers and daughters. The Ndembu reckon descent matrilineally and reside patrilocally