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Aestheticised Rituals and (Non-)Engagement with Norms in Contemporary Turkey

A Contribution to Discussions on Piety and Ethics

Erol Saglam

Drawing on an ethnographic research in some rural communities of Trabzon, Turkey, this article provides insights about the diversity of Islamic pieties and their relations to religious norms. An exploration of everyday Islamic practices in the area demonstrates how piety can take peculiar forms within which norms are both publicly and socially upheld and yet also hollowed out. Among Muslim men of ‘the Valley’ in Trabzon, piety emerges as an aggregate of reiterative practices exterior to the pious self. Highlighting the aestheticised and ritualised state of these engagements with Islam in the Turkish context allows discussion of the relationships among practices of piety, pious subjectivities, and ethics.

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Wearing Hijab in Sarajevo

Dress Practices and the Islamic Revival in Post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina

Andreja Mesarič

This essay observes contemporary Islamic dress practices in Bosnia-Herzegovina as a catalyst throwing into relief various tensions within Bosnian society – not only between Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats, but among Bosniaks themselves. Based on fieldwork carried out in Sarajevo, it looks at how people employ notions of culture and tradition when justifying what types of Islamic dress, if any, are compatible with Bosnian modernity. The essay analyses how people selectively draw on fragments from the historical and ethnographic record when they argue for or against veiling, and shows how, even though many denounce veiling and particularly face veiling as foreign to Bosnia, women who veil themselves equally draw on notions of culture and tradition when justifying their dress choices to others. The essay highlights how competing visions of Islam play a role in the transformation of religious, ethnic and gender identities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and argues that dress as a gendered bodily practice does not merely mark assumed essential differences between an imagined Bosnian and foreign Islam but serves as a crucial means of their construction.

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Randolph Miller

traditional French society was overcome. 27 Sources of Male Catholic Piety and Politics: École Française de Spiritualité and Sacred Heart The male piety and performance socialists would have witnessed among Catholic males was a combination of École

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Islam and Pious Sociality

The Ethics of Hierarchy in the Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan

Arsalan Khan

In recent decades, Pakistan has witnessed the dramatic rise of Islamic revivalist forces, including Islamic piety movements, political parties, new Islamic schools, televangelists, NGOs, corporations, and banks. These Islamic revivalists draw their

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Discipline (and Lenience) Beyond the Self

Discipleship in a Pentecostal-Charismatic Organization

Bruno Reinhardt

ecclesiastical labor. LCI leaders manifest a visible awareness about the defining role of discipline to the Christian life as well as the perils of holding converts to homogeneous standards of piety. They thus exemplify two basic stances of Pentecostal

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Pity Silenced

Economies of Mercy in The Merchant of Venice

Alessandra Marzola

expulsion of the Jewish usurer has enabled and emboldened. Mounts of piety Be it as it may, the manna that is dropped in the still liminal space of Act V eventually crystallizes the vast range of meanings which the play has attached to the surfeit of assets

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Susan Signe Morrison, Women Pilgrims in Late Medieval England: Private Piety as Public Performance Rosemary Tzanaki

Georgia Frank, The Memory of the Eyes. Pilgrims to Living Saints in Christian and Late Antiquity Ian Rutherford

Wes Williams, Pilgrimage and Narrative in the French Renaissance: ‘The Undiscovered Country’ Joan-Pau Rubiés

John Eade and Michael J. Sallnow (eds) Contesting the Sacred: The Anthropology of Christian Pilgrimage Marion Bowman

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False Signposts and High Climbing

The Search for a Localised Islamic Orthodoxy in Russia

Lili Di Puppo

In Russia, the division between a ‘folk’/‘ethnic’ and ‘doctrinal’ Islam is linked to the Soviet attempts to weaken scholarly religious knowledge. Today, similar to various regions of the Muslim world, certain Tatar Muslims with the madhhab system (Muslim schools of jurisprudence), engage in constructing a localised orthodoxy, an Islamic orthodoxy based on the universal foundations of Islam, while striving to integrate folk customs and traditions of ‘traditional Islam’ that formerly were denounced as state-loyal piety.

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‘Almost Mahram’

Moments of Trust and Kinship in Iran

Rose Wellman

This article explores how an American anthropologist navigated the complicated rules of gender avoidance and veiling while living in the home of Iranian state supporters (or members of the Basij, Iran’s paramilitary organisation) in a provincial town in Fars Province. I argue that mahram is configured and activated not only by the dictums of Islamic law, but also according to contexts such as living circumstances, interpersonal trust and town politics. Mahram extends far beyond marriage exclusion: it is a matter of context and creation – the embodiment of mutual (dis)trust, piety and closeness. The recognition and practice of mahram is shifting, fluid and situational.

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Marc Saperstein, Jonathan Romain, Dan Cohn Sherbok, Harvey Shoolman, and Allen Podet

Baumgarten, Elisheva, Practicing Piety in Medieval Ashkenaz: Men, Women, and Everyday Religious Observance, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014, 334 pp., ISBN 978-0-8122-4640-7 (hbk)

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Rich, Danny, Israel Mattuck: The Inspirational Voice of Liberal Judaism, London, Liberal Judaism, 2014, 70 pp., £4.99 (pbk), ISBN 978 0 900521 00 3

Romain, Jonathan, ed., Assisted Dying: Rabbinic Responses, Movement for Reform Judaism, London, 2014, 111 pp.

Abramsky, Sasha, The House of Twenty Thousand Books, London, Halban Publishers, 2014, 321 pp., £18.05 (hbk), ISBN 978-1-905559-64-0

Hirsh, Norman, Unfolding Toward Purpose