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Placing Wellbeing

Anthropological Perspectives on Wellbeing and Place

Emilia Ferraro and Juan Pablo Sarmiento Barletti

-American practices and discourses that can be universalised, with little attention to the constitutive interactions between well-being, place and culture. In this thematic issue we contend that an undermining of place has produced a lack of appreciation for the role

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Teachings of Tara

Sacred Place and Human Wellbeing in the Shimla Hills

Jonathan Miles-Watson

my first visit, but I would be drawn back again and again; each time I visited Tara Devi, my mood lifted, transitory ailments eased and the cares of life evaporated. Distance from the field has brought the curative power of this place into focus

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Home and Away

Place Appreciation and Purposeful Relocation in Later Life

Neil Thin

Introduction: Place Attachment and Place Transcendence All of man’s miseries come from one thing: not knowing how to sit quietly in a room. (Blaise Pascal, Pensées ) We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty, disturbing

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‘People-Place-Process’ and Attachment in the Museum

A New Paradigm for Understanding Belonging?

Susannah Eckersley

The primary aim of this article is to ‘bridge the gap’ between frequently disparate or isolated subjects of academic study – people, place, processes of memory and belonging – as a means to develop a new and holistic understanding and

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Suburban Dissent

Defining Neighborhood Space and Place in Perth, Western Australia

Jocelyn D. Avery

to culture allows for an examination of physical spaces and the places within them to show how history is embedded in a location and embodied and maintained, re-created, or subverted through social relationships and political economy. I invert this

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Alla Bolotova, Anastasia Karaseva, and Valeria Vasilyeva

compare mobility practices and senses of place in these regions. We demonstrate how similar social practices work differently in regions considered to be parts of one macroregion, the Russian Far North. At the same time, we call into question some

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Meshworks and the Making of Climate Places in the European Alps

A Framework for Ethnographic Research on the Perceptions of Climate Change

Sophie Elixhauser, Stefan Böschen, and Katrin Vogel

acting on climate change that effectively shapes future developments. The intention is to enrich the theoretical concept of place with the approach of analyzing meshworks ( Ingold 2011 ). We argue that this framework and the terminology offered facilitate

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Humor, Amnesia, and Making Place

Constitutive Acts of the Subject in Gezi Park, Istanbul

Christopher Houston and Banu Senay

. It is, in brief, a new knowledge of reality as much as it is an act of forgetting the past. We conclude by sketching out a phenomenology-inflected model of the constitution of subjects that demonstrates the importance both of place-making and of

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Holistic Houses and a Sense of Place

Contextualizing the Bishop Museum Hale Pili Exhibit through Archaeological Analyses

Jennifer G. Kahn

of the hale pili , to further place the house within a broader natural and cultural landscape. Background to Hawaiian House Sites and Kauhale It is difficult to determine the function of ancient Hawaiian houses based on their size and shape alone

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Place of Birth and Concepts of Wellbeing

An Analysis from Two Ethnographic Studies of Midwifery Units in England

Christine McCourt, Juliet Rayment, Susanna Rance, and Jane Sandall

Childbirth’ report in 1993, greater choice, continuity and control for women had been recommended, but the issue of choice of place of birth had not been specifically addressed ( Department of Health 1993 ). The 2007 policy implied a radical change from an