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Héctor J. Pérez

My aim in this article is to contribute to the existing literature on the plot twist in screen fictions. The plot twist is a narrative device designed to turn the reception of a narration into an experience dominated by surprise, influencing how

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Ted Nannicelli

. We conclude the issue with Héctor J. Pérez's analysis of the significance of a particular narrative device—the plot twist— in the context of serial television. Tacitly engaging with another of Carroll's field-shaping arguments—in this case, about

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Rainer Reisenzein

. More precisely, to explain how viewers react emotionally to a particular film scene or to a particular kind of aesthetic device (e.g., the plot twist), one needs to know (1) how emotions generally arise in humans in response to different inputs; and (2

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“Banal Apocalypse”

An Interview with Author Ta-wei Chi on the New Translation of The Membranes

Jane Chi Hyun Park and Ta-wei Chi

dogs, my interest in skin care, my obsession with clones and postapocalyptic scenarios, and, perhaps most importantly, my appreciation of truly clever plot twists—all of which feature in The Membranes . The book represents my first foray into the world

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Linda Howell, Ryan Bell, Laura Helen Marks, Jennifer L. Lieberman, and Joseph Christopher Schaub

in prior productions such as Showtime’s Weeds (2005), is known for her long character arcs, surprising plot twists, and bold employment of commonplace stereotypes to directly challenge rather than conform to mainstream systems of representations. It

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William A. Quinn

much like Hamlet’s surprise rescue by pirates. Well-disposed (or inattentive) readers might overlook the implausibility of this plot twist except for the fact that the Man of Law draws unnecessary attention to its unlikelihood: Men myghten asken why

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Twofoldness in Moving Images

The Philosophy and Neuroscience of Filmic Experience

Joerg Fingerhut

to a scene or story. Wollheim's Seeing-In Reassessed Film can certainly be appreciated for reasons that are not directly related to twofoldness (think of a certain plot twist or the narrative arc of a movie). Yet, the twofold experience of

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Michael Hughes

incarceration in a dungeon where his wrists were placed ‘in bonds of iron’, to be followed by eventual exile to Siberia to ‘a living tomb in the quicksilver mines beyond Tomsk’. 15 In a series of typically unconvincing plot twists, Vera is gradually revealed to

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Katrin Sieg

story. Many of the plot twists result from her efforts to pay for a forged passport that would allow her to resume a female identity. To pay for these papers, Fariba, as Siamak, gets a job without papers in a sauerkraut plant, although she is forbidden

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Akkadia Ford

Game , the trans character Dil is played by a gay actor with a Ghanaian background (Jaye Davidson). While the film became known for its “big secret” (the gender plot twist involving Dil), Davidson’s portrayal of Dil did not arouse the criticisms like