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Religion, Space, and Place

The Spatial Turn in Research on Religion

Kim Knott

Following a consideration of the impact of the late twentieth-century spatial turn on the study of religion by geographers, anthropologists, sociologists, historians, and religious studies scholars, two trends are distinguished: the poetics of place and the sacred; and politics, religion, and the contestation of space. Discussion of these reveals substantially different approaches to religion, space, and place—one phenomenological, the other social constructivist. The spatial turn has been extremely fruitful for research on religion, bringing together scholars from a variety of disciplines, and connecting not only to traditional areas such as sacred space and pilgrimage, but to new ones such as embodiment, gender, practice and religious-secular engagements.

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Michael A. Di Giovine

It has become a Structuralist truism in the social sciences to state that individuals define themselves by what they are not. It has equally become evident that travel—and particularly the voluntary, temporary, and perspectival type that we call tourism—is predicated on interaction with the Other. Travelogues are particularly salient “social facts” in this regard, for they both index such processes of identity formation, as well as contribute to them. Two edited volumes, Rolf-Hagen Schulz-Forberg's Unraveling Civilisation: European Travel and Travel Writing (2005) and John Zilcosky's Writing Travel: The Poetics and Politics of the Modern Journey (2008) provide compelling examples of how the multifarious and complementary processes of travel and travel writing not only index, but construct, European identity.

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Judith Rosen-Berry

disturbed the peace. The conversation turned to those who too had ‘simply struggled to stay alive’, to lesbian feminists who wrote and spoke without fear, challenged orthodoxies with poetic and political voices. You placed yourself in this radical collective

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Paula Mota Santos and Hugo DeBlock

panel aimed to address the relation between anthropologists engaged with specific communities and the poetics and politics of identity representation ( Karp and Lavine 1991 ), which is the context of a present where neoliberal conditions impinge strongly

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Canon Fire

Decolonizing the Curriculum

Andrew Sanchez

:// (accessed 28 June 2018 ). Clifford , J. and G. Marcus (eds). 1986 . Writing Culture: The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography . Berkeley : University of California Press . 10.1525/9780520946286 Freeman , J. D. 1983 . Margaret

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Bringing Slavery into the Light in Postcolonial Portugal

The rhetoric and poetics of a slavery exhibition

Paula Mota Santos

Poetics and the Museum Experience Some of the literature on museums, particularly after the new museology, refers to the pairing of poetics and politics, such as in Ivan Karp and Steven Lavine's (1991) celebrated volume Exhibiting Cultures: The

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Donald H. Holly Jr.

E. Marcus , eds. 1986 . Writing Culture: The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography . Berkeley : University of California Press . Crick , Malcom . 1995 . “ The Anthropologist as Tourist: An Identity in Question. ” Pp. 205 – 223 in

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Destination Museum

A Conversation with Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett

Conal McCarthy

to the publication of Exhibiting Cultures: The Poetics and Politics of Museum Display. I was particularly annoyed by Svetlana Alpers, an art historian whom I greatly admire, when she claimed that the only thing worth exhibiting was something of

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Lisa Marie Borrelli, Cristina Douglas, and Michele Fontefrancesco

and involvement of everyone living in the same place. Reference Clifford , J. and G. E. Marcus ( 1986 ), Writing Culture: The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography ( Berkeley : University of California Press ).

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Felix Girke

: Xlibris . Pratt , Mary Louise . 1986 . “ Fieldwork in Common Places .” In Writing Culture: The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography , ed. James Clifford and George E. Marcus , 27 – 50 . Berkeley : University of California Press . 10