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Lena Saleh and Mira Sucharov

wanting students to impartially analyze the material and encouraging them to bring their own political judgments to bear. The first goal—impartial analysis—lends itself well to the standard explanatory term paper assignment. Questions that students might

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Where Is the Public Sphere?

Political Communications and the Morality of Disclosure in Rural Rajasthan

Anastasia Piliavsky

The public sphere has been centre stage in celebrations of India's political triumphs. Leading commentators tell us that the astonishing post-independence surge of democracy has been contingent on the rise of a new kind of sociopolitical formation: the public sphere. This article takes a closer look at the popular deliberative terrain in North India to question this claim. Drawing on research conducted in a provincial town in the North Indian state of Rajasthan, we see that where metropolitan political theorists see 'transparency' as promoting discursive and political possibilities, Rajasthani villagers see an exposure which prevents expression, communication and the making of political choices. In their view, it is secrecy and social seclusion that enable political interactions and elicit political judgments. 'The public sphere' is an unfit heuristic for locating popular politics within (and beyond) Rajasthan, where it obscures much more than it reveals.

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“Give Me Back My Son!”

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Emotion Talk, and the Gendering of Political Rhetoric

Linda E. Mitchell

Political Judgment,” Journal of Politics 73, no. 4 (2011): 1025–1037. The term emotion talk is also used by Stephen D. White, “The Politics of Anger,” in Anger’s Past, 127–152. 13 Bickford, “Emotion Talk and Political Judgment,” 1025. Bickford is quoting

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Pascal Wallisch and Jake Alden Whritner

outperforms the predictions by experts in a diverse range of fields, including searching for submarines but also political judgment. In the arena of political judgment, aggregating polling data with smart algorithms seems to far outperform the judgment of

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Modern Revolutions and Beyond

An Interview with John Dunn

Benjamin Abrams and John Dunn

them—a varying cast of them—and we tried to explore the relative cogency of the political judgment of the principal historical actors in the revolutions that we thought about. Over time, because I went on doing it for much longer than anyone else, I

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Communication, Context, and Narrative

Habermas and Contemporary Realist Thought

Navid Hassanzadeh

): 385 – 411 . 10.1177/1474885110374001 Geuss , R. 2008 . Philosophy and Real Politics . Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press . 10.1515/9781400835515 Geuss , R. 2009 . ‘ What is Political Judgment ?’ In R Bourke and R Geuss (eds

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Nadia Urbinati

thoughtlessness when referred to democracy, if by politics we mean the power of citizens to develop their critical mind and make political judgments, as Aristotle suggested. Yet a political procedural approach does not have a univocal rendering. It can be

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It Was Not Meant to Be This Way

An Unfortunate Case of Anglo-Saxon Parochialism?

Tom Frost

inequality is visible to the naked eye and naturally inspires sharp but contradictory political judgments. Peasant and noble, worker and factory owner, waiter and banker: each has his or her own unique vantage point and sees important aspects of how other

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Something Gleaming

Exemplary Resistance and the Shadows of Complicity

Bronwyn Leebaw

important as the basis for reflective judgment in contexts where established norms no longer offer guidance. She developed her discussion of reflective, political judgment, through a creative interpretation of Kant's concept of sensus communis or ‘common

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Filimon Peonidis

politically apathetic as useless and that discussion in necessary for correct political judgment or reasoning. Thus, if we agree in principle with Pericles’ argument, the crucial question for DPS is how to make it work mutatis mutandis in modern representative