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Indignity in Cash Transfers

The Senior Citizen’s Grant in Uganda

Grace Bantebya Kyomuhendo

standing (maldistribution), and a lack of political voice (nonrepresentation). This implies that the beneficiaries’ ability to participate equally and effectively in the delivery of the SCG is severely constrained. In the study, the intended beneficiaries

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Nicholas Toloudis

Most studies of the social and political upheavals of the Second Republic treat violence as the main way people resisted the military coup and repression of 1851 and view political dissent through the lens of class. But the suppression of unorthodox political voices in the academy brings another form of resistance to light. Close personal networks and the organizational culture of the French academy distinguished the universitaires' animosity toward Louis Napoleon. To map the patterns of teachers' dissent, I use the proceedings of the Carnot Commission, an organ created by the emergency government of 1870 to gather information about the universitaires who had suffered political persecution around the time of the 1851 coup and offer them restitution. The Commission's work reveals a pattern of personal connections and distaste for authoritarianism that reflected the republican consensus as it emerged in the 1870s.

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GMOs in the laboratory

Objects without everyday controversy

Christina Holmes

This article explores the lack of controversy over genetically modified objects (GMOs) in the daily life of a research laboratory in Canada. Scientific perceptions of GMOs and the types of knowledge valued in scientific research contribute toward an absence of discussion on the wider social implications of GMOs. Technical and epistemic knowledge are crucial for the success of a scientific project, whereas discussion of the social values involved may be allocated to particular settings, people, or research stages. GMOs, within scientific circles, are seen as many individual projects with different goals, rather than as a single object. Therefore, according to this view, it is inappropriate to be opposed to or to support GMOs in general, without first ascertaining the specifics of a particular project. How then are scientists engaged in seemingly local, distinct projects seen as globally defending this technology? Scientific expertise unevenly translates into political voice, transforming into silences as well as debates.

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Emily Bent

Stories about girl activism circulate as exceptional narratives of individual girl power causing intergenerational partnerships and community collaborations to become invisible and apparently unnecessary to girl activist efforts. At the same time, practitioner-scholars attest that sharing authentic stories about intergenerational feminist praxis is difficult to do since it requires us to write with intentional vulnerability exposing the failures and tensions inherent to girl activism networks. In this article, I provide an autoethnographic exploration of the intergenerational processes involved with organizing Girls Speak Out for the International Day of the Girl at the United Nations. I draw inspiration from Lauren J. Silver’s methodological remix of youth-centered activism, and in doing so, reassess the impact and experience of leveraging girls’ political voices in spaces of normative power.

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Sercan Çınar and Francisca de Haan

contexts. Her scholarly and political voice will be missed. Notes 1 Şirin Tekeli, “Europe, European Feminism, and Women in Turkey,” in “A Continent in Transition: Issues for Women in Europe in the 1990s,” special issue, Women’s Studies International Forum

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Denise Turner and Bronwen Gillespie

sort of agency certain development relationships constrain and enable, and for whom (212). While Fraternity openly aimed for transformative action to empower political voice, Namaste had a narrower business-oriented focus, often requiring decision

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Judith Rosen-Berry

disturbed the peace. The conversation turned to those who too had ‘simply struggled to stay alive’, to lesbian feminists who wrote and spoke without fear, challenged orthodoxies with poetic and political voices. You placed yourself in this radical collective

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Lena Saleh and Mira Sucharov

analytical and political voice around a contentious topic. To this end, we have found that assigning an op-ed style assignment helps students refine their prescriptive argumentation within a research-focused context. This may take the form of encouraging

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Monique Deveaux

dramatically undercut the equal political voice of some participants in political deliberation, just as surely as it benefits those with greater economic, social, and political capital. Not everyone’s deliberative contributions are equal, then, nor are they

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Black October

Comics, Memory, and Cultural Representations of 17 October 1961

Claire Gorrara

, as the comic demonstrates in its final panels, popular music offers a frontier space where transnational histories of conflict come into contact and where new political voices, such as that of Mohand/Vincent, can gain traction. Creating a legitimate