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Conceptual Explorations around “Politics”

Thematizing the Activity of Politics in the Plenary Debates of the German Bundestag

Kari Palonen

three nouns: politics, policy, and polity , interpreted for example by Karl Rohe. 13 In “Four Times of Politics,” 14 I modified the view and divided politics to activities of politicization and politicking , and reserve politics as an

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Kimmo Elo

In mainstream analyses of the German political system, the emergence of the Left Party (Die Linke) is presented as an unexpected consequence of German unification and as an indication of the existence of an East-West divide. This view is for the most part based on the idea that German unification is a process of political integration of the East into the West. Such an understanding, however, downplays the long-term developments in the German party system. This article examines the emergence of the Left Party in light of both the long-term developmental tendencies of the German party system and findings from comparative studies among other West European countries. The article concludes that the main reason for the current political stalemate is the incapability of the postwar Volksparteien to respond to changes in political space and action. Based on evidence from comparative studies, the article also suggests a pragmatic rethinking especially in the SPD is necessary in dealings with the Left Party.

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Blake Ewing

considerations on the intersection between language, structure, and time. Finally, I move from Historik to politics, setting out a Koselleck-inspired thematization of the mode of horizonal politicking. The Spatial-Temporal Concept of Horizon The concept of

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Meyer Fortes

The Person, the Role, the Theory

Adam Kuper

that the Tallensi kinship system was profoundly influenced by economic constraints, factors that Fortes downplayed ( Worseley 1956 ). Nor was Fortes concerned with politicking as opposed to political structures. ‘Fortes provides in his books the

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Klaus Oschema, Mette Thunø, Evan Kuehn, and Blake Ewing

oversimplify the “ontology of action” at their peril, he reckons. Otherwise, politicking—and the scholarly practice of thinking about politics—is harmfully stripped of its historical context and, dare one say, relevance. But, at the same time, Hampsher

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A Bridge Across the Mediterranean

Nafissa Sid Cara and the Politics of Emancipation during the Algerian War

Elise Franklin

woman’s right to decide her marital fate instead grew from her belief in a set of universal rights that she believed women of greater France were due. Regardless of class, sex, or religion, Algerian women, caught in the crosshairs of wartime politicking

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Daryl Glaser

vote in 2016. The EFF won a vote share of forty per cent in the 2017 SRC election. For 2017 turnout I have relied on . 6 https

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Matthew Carey, Ida Nielsen Sølvhøj, Eve Monique Zucker, Younes Saramifar, and Louis Frankenthaler

micro-level politicking between different organizations, families, and individuals. This is an artful and compelling presentation of how broader institutional and international frameworks overdetermine the politics of identity on the ground, as well of

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The Better Part of Stolen Valour

Counterfeits, Comedy and the Supreme Court

David Currell

quantity and quality of the slain in the aftermath of battle, and the politicking of Act 5 all belie the ‘band of brothers’ rhetoric. Reading the miles gloriosus tradition in light of the Stolen Valor Act crystallizes two enduring social problems: the

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Paula Booke and Todd J. Wiebe

Politicking in the digital age The study of elections is a core element of the discipline of political science and an important component of introductory courses. This course content provides students with opportunities to encounter and