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Care as political revolution?

Miriam Ticktin

an ethico-political obligation. While located in the mundane and everyday, in this triptych form, care may actually have a different sort of revolutionary, transformative potential ( Martin et al. 2015 ; Puig de la Bellacasa 2017 ; Stevenson 2014

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Ideas, Powers and Politics

Lawrence Hamilton

The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong are more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed, the world is ruled by little else. Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite

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Conceptual Explorations around “Politics”

Thematizing the Activity of Politics in the Plenary Debates of the German Bundestag

Kari Palonen

With this article, 1 I continue my long-term studies on the conceptualization of politics by analyzing the vocabulary of politicians in parliamentary debates. I use conceptual history both as an empirical study and as a medium of theorizing on

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Israel’s Politics of Citizenship

Assaf Shapira

conditions, immigrants can acquire formal citizenship. 1 In particular, they examine the politics that shape these policies. In the early 1990s, when Israel began to absorb waves of non- olim immigrants, it witnessed the emergence of a new phase in the

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What Can a Political Form of Reconciliation Look Like in Divided Societies?

The Deliberative “Right to Justification” and Agonistic Democracy

Burcu Özçelik

Achieving reconciliation in societies emerging from a history of violence rooted in the denial, oppression, or forceful assimilation of minorities requires a type of political settlement. Rather than symbolic, moral, or faith-based reconciliation

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Macbeth's Thick Night and the Political Ecology of a Dark Scotland

Jeffrey B. Griswold

Recent political scholarship on Macbeth has turned away from the play's topical significance to consider how it imagines the political abstractly. Whereas the critical conversation of the past thirty years has fruitfully examined the play

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Identity and Gender Politics in Contemporary Shakespearean Rewriting

Julia Pascal’s The Yiddish Queen Lear

Özlem Özmen

displays that contemporary Jewish responses to the playwright are not limited to the discussions of Merchant alone. In terms of the use of themes such as ‘(political) disillusion and defeat [that are more central to Lear] than any other play by

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Challenging the landed elite in contemporary Pakistani politics

Stephen M. Lyon

Introduction: The context of political crisis The political landscape of Pakistan is dangerous. The price for mistakes can be extremely high, and it is no exaggeration to say that, on occasion, it can be a life and death ‘game’. Electoral

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A Labial Art-Politics

Hollie MacKenzie and Iain MacKanzie

In this article we focus on the potential for an alignment of certain feminist artistic practices and poststructuralist conceptions of critique that may enable ways of theorizing practices of resistance and engender ways of practicing resistance in theory, without the lurch back into masculinist forms of dogmatism. It will be claimed that an ontological conception of art, considered as that which makes a difference in the world, can not only challenge the primacy of the dogmatic and masculine ‘subject who judges’, but also instill ways of thinking about, and ways of enacting, feminist artistic encounters with the capacity to resist dogmatism. The theoretical stakes of this claim are elaborated through complimentary readings of Deleuze and Guattari’s constructivist account of philosophy and Irigaray’s feminist explorations of what it means to think from within the 'labial', rather than from the position of the dominant phallic symbolic order. We argue that this creative conjunction between Irigaray, Deleuze, and Guattari provides the resources for a conceptualisation of both feminist artistic practice and the critical practice of poststructuralist philosophy as forms of resistance to the dominant patriarchal order, in ways that can avoid the collapse back into masculinist forms of dogmatism. Revel’s discussion of the role of constituent rather than constituted forms of resistance is employed to draw out the implications of this position for contentious politics. It is concluded that constituent practices of resistance can be understood as a challenge to the phallogocentric symbolic order to the extent that they are practices of a labial art-politics.

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On the Relevance of Niccolò Machiavelli's Understanding of Time for Contemporary Politics

Benjamin Schmid

In comparison to the that of earlier political thinkers, Machiavelli's understanding of time shows an empty spot in a prominent place. In Machiavelli's works, nothing has remained of the great narrations of the ‘after-world’, such as that of Dante