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Conceptual Explorations around “Politics”

Thematizing the Activity of Politics in the Plenary Debates of the German Bundestag

Kari Palonen

three nouns: politics, policy, and polity , interpreted for example by Karl Rohe. 13 In “Four Times of Politics,” 14 I modified the view and divided politics to activities of politicization and politicking , and reserve politics as an

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Bernard Matolino

Introduction In this article I seek to pursue two aims. Firstly, I seek to contest Emmanuel Ani’s reading of Wiredu regarding his support for the role of rationality in securing consensus in traditional African polities. I seek to show that as

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David Plotke

What if anything should democratic polities do with respect to political forces and citizens who oppose democratic practices? One strategy is toleration, understood as non-interference. A second approach is repression, aimed at marginalizing or breaking up non-democratic political forces. I argue for a third approach: democratic states and citizens should respond to non-democratic political forces and ideas mainly through efforts at political incorporation. This strategy can protect democratic practices while respecting citizens' rights; its prospects are enhanced by the diverse political composition of most contemporary anti-democratic projects and the integrative effects of democratic procedures.

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Buddhism, the Asokan Persona, and the Galactic Polity

Rethinking Sri Lanka's Constitutional Present

Roshan de Silva Wijeyeratne

Sri Lanka's civil war between the majority Sinhalese and the minority Tamil communities has now raged for nearly half a century. The Sri Lankan cum Sinhalese Buddhist state has since independence resisted all significant attempts by the Tamil political leadership at power sharing. Most constitutional lawyers and progressive Sri Lankan opinion (Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher, etc.) hold that short of a separate state, administrative power should be devolved in the form of a federal state, so as to give autonomy to the northeast of Sri Lanka, while the forces of Sinhalese Buddhist nationalism have sought to justify the centralized state by recourse to the history of Buddhism and the Sinhalese on the island. Such arguments have drawn on the ontological potential of the cosmic order of Sinhalese Buddhism, which is fundamentally hierarchical in intent. Here I argue that the diffused nature of this cosmic order provides the ontological grounding for a decentralized state structure that can accommodate ethnic difference in a non-hierarchical relation. Thus, the legacy of Sinhalese Buddhism can be rescued from the forces of Sinhalese Buddhist nationalism.

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Cecilia Schultz

Lawrence Hamilton. Amartya Sen. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2019. ISBN-13:978-1-5095-1984-2. Lawrence Hamilton has written a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the seminal ideas of Indian economist and philosopher, Amartya Sen

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Refugia Roundtable

Imagining Refugia: Thinking Outside the Current Refugee Regime

Nicholas Van Hear, Veronique Barbelet, Christina Bennett, and Helma Lutz

solutions” and think about alternatives to the existing international architecture that seeks to address mass displacement and mobility more generally. One set of proposals explores the idea of new nations, cities, or polities for refugees, often proposed

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The Effect of 'Affect'

Henrietta Moore's Turn

Anette Fagertun

Henrietta L. Moore, Still Life: Hopes, Desires and Satisfactions (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2011), 242 pp. ISBN 9780745636467.

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On Growing a Journal

A View from the South

Georgine Clarsen

? How could we collectively create conditions of possibility for decolonization in a nation that had long stepped away from its colonial relations with Britain, yet had remained colonial at heart? How does a polity that perfected nation-building on other

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Demos and Nation

Misplacing the Dilemmas of the European Union--In Memory of Stanley Hoffmann

Charles S. Maier

, as it were, into ritualized games: the rival polites of Greece met quadrennially in the games that affirmed their unity; the Mesoamerican polities shared their ritualized ball games as well as wars waged for the sake of capturing sacrificial

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Katrin Sieg

underscores that the obligation of receiving societies to accept as many refugees as possible is limited only when their own survival is jeopardized, opponents of immigration see their cultural survival already imperiled. Portraying the polity’s interest in