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Suzanne Berger

Among the intellectual legacies of Stanley Hoffmann are reflections on right-wing politics. Today they seem more than ever relevant to understanding a world of triumphant populism. 1 Hoffmann’s early publications include studies of groups with some

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Genesis of Populism

Its Russian Sediments and Its Updating in Latin America in Historical-Conceptual Key

Claudio Sergio Ingerflom

In memory of the Soviet historians of Russian populism, the world revolutionary and workers movement, deported or executed in the 1930s. The aim of this article is to reconstruct the genesis of the concept of populism and its political logic

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Left-Wing or Right-Wing Populism?

A Comparison of the Demands of the French Yellow Vest Movement to the 2017 Presidential Programs of Rassemblement National and La France Insoumise

Ingeborg Misje Bergem

than with those of RN. I analyze the YVM through the theoretical framework of populism and cleavage theory, which is the basis for the subsequent comparison between the YVM, RN, and LFI. Right-Wing Populism and Left-Wing Populism Populism is a

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Humpty Dumpty Populism

Theopolitics and the Retreat of the Politico-theological in Venezuela (and Elsewhere)

Rafael Sánchez

evidence; 2 from a political point of view, however, his proclamation, and its apparent mendacity, is not straightforward. Maduro's contempt for the ‘facts’ is itself highly revealing, or so I argue, of the kind of post-truth populism into which a

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The Timeline of a Concept

Juan Francisco Fuentes

Populism and the “Cinderella Complex” The academic definitions of the concept of populism usually stress the pejorative sense of the term, the manipulating nature of the phenomenon, and its aversion to political and intellectual elites. This latter

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Benjamin Moffitt

While the rise of populism in Western Europe over the past three decades has received a great deal of attention in the academic and popular literature, less attention has been paid to the rise of its opposite— anti-populism. This short article examines the discursive and stylistic dimensions of the construction and maintenance of the populism/anti-populism divide in Western Europe, paying particular attention to how anti-populists seek to discredit populist leaders, parties and followers. It argues that this divide is increasingly antagonistic, with both sides of the divide putting forward extremely different conceptions of how democracy should operate in the Western European political landscape: one radical and popular, the other liberal. It closes by suggesting that what is subsumed and feared under the label of the “populist threat” to democracy in Western Europe today is less about populism than nationalism and nativism.

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Neither Shadow nor Spectre

Populism as the Ideological Embodiment of the Democratic Paradox

Anthony Lawrence Borja

) democracies. Ideological decontestation determines not only the ideological development of populist movements, but also the subsequent trajectory of populism's relationship with democratic politics. Therefore, this article exposes and dissects the triadic and

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Political Ramifications of Covid-19

Inequalities, Divides, Populism

Éric Touya de Marenne

weakening of scientific research and of the health-care system, the failure of political institutions (“l'impuissance publique”) leading to the rise of populism, and the crisis of sovereignty in the context of France's adhesion to the EU and its growing

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Christiane Lemke

, poses a challenge to international engagement. The current crisis in the international order is fueled by nationalism and populism. In this crisis several principles are called into question: liberalism, as well as pluralism in the domestic setting

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Populist Rhetoric and Nativist Alarmism

The AfD in Comparative Perspective

Barbara Donovan

eastern German phenomenon. 5 This study acknowledges those important aspects, but examines the party in relation to other similar political forces in Europe. The article focuses on two particular features of the European party landscape—populism and