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The Transformation of Urban Mobility Practices in Maastricht (1950–1980)

Coevolution of Cycling and Car Mobility

Marc Dijk, Anique Hommels, and Manuel Stoffers

and was superseded by car mobility. This shift in mobility practices entailed significant changes in urban spaces. Transport-historical studies on the decline of cycling have mostly focused on the lost battles for bicycle infrastructures and the

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How We Understand Aeromobility

Mapping the Evolution of a New Term in Mobility Studies

Veronika Zuskáčová

our analysis—aeromobility as a mobility-system, aeromobility as a norm, aeromobility as an embodied practice, and aeromobility as a lifestyle. The concluding section offers a brief summarization of the main findings and proposes several suggestions for

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Labor and Religious Tolerance in Two Senegalese Daaras

Laura L. Cochrane

sense of community through practicing and talking about two shared values: labor and religious tolerance. While they cite their own Sufi order's teachings in these practices and discourses, the values of labor and tolerance are shared across the country

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Wrestling with Tradition

Reconstructing Jewish Community through Negotiating Shared Purpose

Chantal Tetreault

personal experiences of Jewish identity, but also the discursive practices through which my largely academic congregation constructs and reconstructs Jewish community. Riffing off the well-known poem “Pot Roast” by secular Jewish poet Mark Strand as an

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Target Practice

The Algorithmics and Biopolitics of Race in Emerging Smart Border Practices and Technologies

Tamara Vukov

. … Indeed, … the key that locks the door against terrorists also opens a wider gate to cross-border trade and travel.” 1 As suggested in Harper’s proclamation, the opening decades of this century have seen a rapid shift in bordering practices in North

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Charming Worms

Crawling between Natures

Filippo Bertoni

Some anthropologists have argued that Euro-American culture is naturalist, anchored to the belief in a coherent, unitary universe in which natural laws operate. From a close ethnographic inspection, however, the allegedly naturalist sciences emerge as heterogeneous practices, engaging with complex and not quite coherent objects. Following one such object - an earthworm - allows me to show that the earthworm science that studies it has no univocal object, but rather one that is multiple. At the same time, scientists successfully engage in practices that seek to hold together the incoherent earthworm/s and the world/s in which it is/they are being practised. It is in this way that coherence may still be achieved. Exploring the gaps between multiple ontologies and coordinating practices allows for the emergence of a sharper, practice-attentive understanding of science and its naturalist achievements. If it is true that a single, unitary Nature is nowhere to be found, the analysis presented here shows how a transient, contingent, multiple, and - yet - still bound-together nature may result from careful coordination practices.

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Transforming Practices of Masculinity

A Model based on Qualitative Research on Boys’ Education

Jürgen Budde and Thomas Viola Rieske

, because pedagogical institutions are of particular importance for childhood and adolescence. Pedagogical institutions, on the one hand, strengthen hegemonic or dominating forms of masculinity ( Messerschmidt 2019 ) through educational or peer practices or

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Othello, Original Practices

A Photographic Essay

Rob Conkie

In October 2013 I directed an ‘original-ish practices’ staged reading of Othello . What follows is a photographic documentation of that event with occasional annotations. What did ‘original practices’ mean in this context (La Trobe University

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Practicing Democracy from Childhood

Democratic Praxis in Te Ao Māori

Kylie Smith, Ksenija Napan, Raewyn Perkinson, and Roberta Hunter

deliberative democratic practices within traditional Māori society. Māori expertise in deliberative consensus making can be seen in the complex yet fine-tuned procedures of hui in family, community, and regional groupings ( Mead 2003 ; Ngata 1928 ; Walker

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Analytic Approaches and Critical Practices

On What We Can Learn

Laura T. Di Summa

, criticism as practice, and, as mentioned, a philosophy of criticism. By no means do I intend to address these ramifications here, and there is little I will say with regard to both theories within criticism and its history. This article stems instead from