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Contagious Humanism in Early Nineteenth-Century German-Language Press

Heidi Hakkarainen

worked with Karl Marx in Paris. 5 In line with this, mass publications like newspapers also came to attribute new meanings to the concept of humanism in the run up to the 1848/49 revolutions. By focusing on the press, whose role has been understudied in

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La modernité, invention médiatique

Alain Vaillant

Pour un panorama de l’action législative et administrative en matière de censure, le plus commode est encore de se reporter à : Jacques Godechot, Les Institutions de la France sous la Révolution et l’Empire (Paris : Presses universitaires de France

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Journalistes scandaleuses des années trente

Petite réflexion sur l’histoire de la presse de l’entre-deux-guerres

Marie-Ève Thérenty

place dans la presse généraliste (les presses féminine et féministes seront toujours des espaces possibles mais ce sont aussi des ghettos). Elles seront peu à y parvenir. Elles se comptent sur les doigts d’une main sous la Monarchie de juillet, elles

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“Let's Go to School and Marry Later”

Tanzanian Girls’ Schooling (1939–1976)

Florence Wenzek

asking you: when will we make progress if we accept to stop school and marry early like this?” 1 This was unusual in that few girls expressed themselves in the press; the columns of letters to the editor were dominated by men, and female writers were

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“It Is Better to Die”

Abbé Rousseau and the Meanings of Suicide

Jeffrey Merrick

eighteenth century the debate about suicide moved from the courts to the press. As Michael MacDonald and Terence Murphy Historical Reflections • Summer 2016 have shown, the same shift took place in England sooner than in France, thanks to relative liberty of

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CIDEM's femicide archive and the process of gendered legal change in Bolivia

Xandra Miguel-Lorenzo

and gender in a community near Cuzco ’, in B. Larson and O. Harris (eds), Ethnicity, Markets, and Migration in the Andes ( Durham, NC : Duke University Press ), 329 – 348 . El Alteño ( 2009a ), ‘ Asesinada y quemada: Fue botada el sábado

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Le Rire and the Meaning of Cartoon Art in Fin-de-Siècle France

Andrew Kotick

decision was curious: not only was the satirical press in France a well-developed market saturated with competition, but the businessman, Félix Juven, had no formal training in, experience with, or exposure to the craft. Rather than go it alone, Juven

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The Coming of Gender of Coming of Age

Diederik Janssen

Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men, by Michael Kimmel. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2008, xviii+332 pp.

Men to Boys: The Making of Modern Immaturity, by Gary Cross. New York: Columbia University Press, 2008, 316 pp.

Permanent Adolescence: Why Boys Don’t Grow Up, by Joe Carmichiel. Far Hills, N.J.: New Horizon Press, 2009, xi+244 pp.

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Introducing a Special Issue on Boyish Temporalities

Diederik F. Janssen

Pioneering cultural historian Johan Huizinga’s short chapter on puerilism, featured in his interwar essay In the Shadow of Tomorrow, famously highlighted what he considered the mutual “contamination of play and seriousness in modern life.” “Puerilism we shall call the attitude of a community whose behaviour is more immature than the state of its intellectual and critical faculties would warrant, which instead of making the boy into the man adapts its conduct to that of the adolescent age” (Huizinga, 1935 [1936, p. 170]). The puerilist condition degrades the serious to the superficial, true and ritual play to boundless childishness. It is a dangerous and decadent symptom, a “bastardization of culture,” a semi-seriousness and appetite for the sensational and the trivial appealing to obedient masses and small minds. Modern man becomes a slave to his comforts. “In his world full of wonders man is like a child in a fairy tale. He can travel through the air, speak to another hemisphere, have a continent delivered in his home by radio. He presses a button and life comes to him. Will such a life give him maturity?”

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Manipulation of Theatrical Audience Size

Non-existent Plays and Murderous Lenders

Anna Faktorovich

-Attribution of the British Renaissance Corpus (Quanah: Anaphora Literary Press, 2021). The steps involved in this method and its theoretical basis are explained in other parts of Volumes 1–2, and are summarised here: https