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Michael G. Powell

By considering multiple perspectives on the problem of networking and networks in public policy circles, as well as the wider professional world, this article aims to both draw out and blur boundaries and definitions among multiple levels of networking as an analytic concept, a fieldwork method and a practice observed among policymakers. In making this distinction and explaining it in relation to theorisations of fieldwork rapport and 'complicity,' the article attempts to show that the distance and collegiality that defines professional networking is a viable and potentially quite insightful mode, means and method for conducting fieldwork, particularly for multisited anthropology of public policy projects. To that end, this article offers both conceptual ideas, as well as practical advice for conceiving and conducting fieldwork for an anthropology of public policy project.

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Continental Collaboration

The Transition from Ultranationalism to Pan-Europeanism by the Interwar French Fascist Right

Sarah Shurts

This article considers the emergence of pan-European discourse and the creation of transnational networks by the intellectual extreme Right during the interwar and occupation years. Through a close reading of the essays, speeches, and texts of French fascist intellectuals Abel Bonnard, Alphonse de Châteaubriant, and Pierre Drieu la Rochelle, the author contends that it was during the interwar and wartime decades that the French extreme Right transitioned from its traditional ultranationalism to a new concept of French national identity as European identity. More importantly, these three leading fascist intellectuals worked to distinguish their concept of European federation and transnational cultural exchange as anterior to and independent of submission to Nazi Germany. It was, therefore, in the discourse and the transnational socio-professional networks of the interwar period that we can find the foundation for the new language of Europeanism that became ubiquitous among the postwar Eurofascists and the Nouvelle Droite today.

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Navigating the Politics of Anxiety

Moral Outrage, Responsiveness, and State Accountability in Denmark

Mette-Louise Johansen

are responsible for managing a local public hotline through which staff and civilians can make these reports. The Infohouse social workers are also contacted by people in their professional network who submit reports or ask for advice about how to

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Doing bizness

Migrant smuggling and everyday life in the Maghreb

Line Richter

, establishing professional networks that transcend borders and regions. ( UNODC 2019 ) Popular and political narratives have long maintained that illegal border crossings are planned and carried out by unscrupulous criminals taking advantage of innocent

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Donna Houston, Diana McCallum, Wendy Steele, and Jason Byrne

sustainable life-style. 1 However, as an independent company with a large social and professional network, they can also be quickly responsive to ad hoc opportunities as they arise—hosting a small conference with an international guest, facilitating local

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Responsible Doubt and Embodied Conviction

The Infrastructure of British Equestrian Horse/Human ‘Partnership’

Rosie Jones McVey

and care giving, so awareness of their sociability and individuality rises, as does the particular feeling of responsibility towards them. As this happens within a system of amateur single horse owners who are not embedded within professional networks

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Fascism as a style of life

Community life and violence in a neofascist movement in Italy

Maddalena Gretel Cammelli

interwoven with militants’ lives in multiple ways. For instance, CasaPound is also a professional network that complements existing neofascist networks in Rome. As militants themselves noted, CasaPound merchandise and Zeta Zero Alfa T-shirts, CDs, and

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Repatriation as Inspiration

Multigenerational Perspectives on American Archaeology-Museum Relationships

April M. Beisaw and Penelope H. Duus

those with close ties to Vassar responded. We thank the respondents for the time and perspective, and hope we have appropriately summarized their views below. We encourage others to undertake similar surveys within their professional networks, for we

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Expat, Local, and Refugee

“Studying Up” the Global Division of Labor and Mobility in the Humanitarian Industry in Jordan

Reem Farah

up social and professional networks and opportunities that help humanitarian migrants in their next potential post. Like migrants from the global South to the global North, humanitarian expatriates gravitate toward networks; however, unlike economic

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Fashioning Masculinities through Migration

Narratives of Romanian Construction Workers in London

Alexandra Urdea

, Romanians’ legal status in the UK shifted, between illegal and regularized, “supported by an increasingly buoyant migrant economy of brokerage, kinship and professional networks” ( Trandafoiu 2013: 101 ). Certain areas in Romania have developed a culture