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Douglas Bruster

playbook is its representation of various prose speeches as blank verse. Before addressing this feature of Q1, however, we need to locate it in the pages of today's editions. This is easier said than done, for Q1's predominance of verse – its typographic

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Towards a New Style in Nineteenth-Century Judeo-Spanish Prose

Two Judeo-Spanish Versions of the German Novel Der Rabbi und der Minister

Aitor García Moreno

For more than one hundred years texts of rabbinical prose were the only model of educated style. With the arrival of new literary genres imported from Western Europe towards the middle of the nineteenth century, Sephardi authors and translators promoted a change in their style of writing. This article compares syntactic structures in two texts from the second half of the nineteenth century. They belong to the same literary genre and share the same subject, but are anchored in different discoursive traditions trying to exemplify the different styles of Sephardic prose that coexisted at that time.

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Marcus B. Weaver-Hightower

noticed and envied the theory, though. What my marginalia remarked less upon then—indeed, what few mention—are Connell's craft and artistry that bring her theories to life. For one, I marvel at Connell's clear, accessible prose. While magnificently complex

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Ananta Kumar Giri

. So far, mainstream discourse and practice of development mainly focus on what can be called the prose of development: the hard-core and hardware issues of economics, politics, and infrastructure and rarely explores the subtler dimension of development

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Valentina Mitkova

Milena Kirova, ed., Mara Belcheva: Poezia (Mara Belcheva: Poetry), Volume 1, Sofia: Kibea, 2018, 268 pp., BGN 17 (paperback), ISBN 978-954-474-728-2. Milena Kirova, ed., Mara Belcheva: Proza i prevodi (Mara Belcheva: Prose and

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Shakespeare and the Modern Novel

Graham Holderness

an immensely popular writer, and widely regarded as a defining practitioner of the novel form. This kind of novel was/is in every respect different from Shakespeare: new, ‘novel’, not old; prose, not poetry; narrative, not dramatic; realist, not

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Yoram Peri

Israeli Discourse, 1967 (Cambridge, MA: Israel Academic Press, 2017). Nitza Ben-Dov , The Life of War: On the Military, Revenge, Loss, and War Consciousness in Israeli Prose (Jerusalem: Schocken Books, 2016). Haya Milo , Songs Through the Barrel of

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Eliza Deac

-sided incarnation, exemplified in the works of the two Shelley—Mary and Percy: prose and poetry, low genres and high genres, feminine writing and masculine writing. One may ask what it is this hypertext finds relevant for its self-definition in such theories

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The Ill-Equipped Modernist

Historicizing Édouard Dujardin’s Les Lauriers Sont Coupés

Kelly J. Maynard

nationalist fervor and an extremist press. Thus, the circumstances of Dujardin’s life and career in the mid-1880s positioned him uniquely to experience these interlaced sites of modernity and, through the novel, to grapple with them in prose. These contexts

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The Merchant ON Venice [Boulevard, Los Angeles], Chicago, 2007

Universalizing Shakespeare’s Play after the Holocaust

Michael Shapiro

Shakespeare wrote no lines at the end of the final act but who now often mutely displays remorse and regret. Maurice Schwartz’s Yiddish adaptation, Shylock and His Daughter (1947), gave Jessica equal billing. 4 Recent prose adaptations by feminist writers