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The Importance of Public Policy for Regulating Post-Retirement Employment in Israel

Erez Cohen

policy in various fields, consistent with this trend. A good example is the call to formulate public policy to encourage employment of people with dementia in the labor market ( Braw et al. 2018 ) as well as the need to formulate public policy regarding

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Food Movement between Autonomy and Coproduction of Public Policies

Lessons from Madrid

Marian Simon-Rojo, Inés Morales Bernardos, and Jon Sanz Landaluze

, and share and reproduce knowledge? When and why did the key food activists and movements move from an autonomous position holding an oppositional strategy ( Mayer 2013 ) to engagement in the coproduction of public policies? Alternative Food Movements

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Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

Democratic Theory through an Agonistic Lens

Marie Paxton

ultimately distinct agonistic accounts. These elements render them appropriate for this article, which will consider democratic theory as a critique, a set of normative proposals, and, crucially, a bridge with public policy and institutional design or a

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Guiding Girls

Neoliberal Governance and Government Educational Resource Manuals in Canada

Lisa Smith and Stephanie Paterson

others. (Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women (hereafter NSACSW) 2006: 3) Over the past fifty years, in Canada and internationally, there has been a significant shift in the way in which young women are represented in public policy. Rather

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Singing with Dignity

Adding Social Quality to Organization Studies on Aging

Prabhir Vishnu Poruthiyil

How to Counteract the Isolation of Older Persons and of Organization Studies from Social Policy Management and organization studies (MOS) is vast, diverse, and sophisticated, and it is indeed surprising that its impact on public policy is less than

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The Uses of Professional Networking in the Emerging Methodology for an Anthropology of Public Policy

Michael G. Powell

By considering multiple perspectives on the problem of networking and networks in public policy circles, as well as the wider professional world, this article aims to both draw out and blur boundaries and definitions among multiple levels of networking as an analytic concept, a fieldwork method and a practice observed among policymakers. In making this distinction and explaining it in relation to theorisations of fieldwork rapport and 'complicity,' the article attempts to show that the distance and collegiality that defines professional networking is a viable and potentially quite insightful mode, means and method for conducting fieldwork, particularly for multisited anthropology of public policy projects. To that end, this article offers both conceptual ideas, as well as practical advice for conceiving and conducting fieldwork for an anthropology of public policy project.

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In Their Best Interests

Diplomacy, Ethics, and Competition in the French World of Adoption

Sébastien Roux

frameworks? Perhaps a more moderate interpretation is called for. Indeed, the 2010 earthquake not only brought to the forefront the political weight of issues surrounding international adoption but it also highlighted the current ambiguity of public policies

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Public Policy or Popular Demand?

Why Californians Shifted from Trains to Autos (and Not Buses), 1910-1941

Gregory Thompson

This essay examines the transition from a rail-based intercity transportation system in California in 1910 to a road/private auto-based system thirty years later, with hypotheses that the transition could be explained by either corporate and state decisions for supplying infrastructure or by public demand. The essay examines trends of automobile ownership, road investment, bus organization and service provision, intercity passenger rail service provision, and intercity rail revenues, both within California and to and from California in each of the three decades. It concludes that public preference for private automobility explains most of the transition but that unserved demand remained for fast passenger train service between the state's large metropolitan areas. Failure to serve that demand derived from California's legacy of popular disdain for the private railroad industry.

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Struggles over Expertise

Practices of Politicization and Depoliticization in Participatory Democracy

Taina Meriluoto

. ‘ “Democratising’ Expertise, ‘Expertising’ Democracy: What Does This Mean, and Why Bother? ’ Science and Public Policy 30 ( 3 ): 146 – 150 . doi: 10.3152/147154303781780551 . Lowndes , Vivian , and Marie Paxton . 2018 . “ Can Agonism Be

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Sticking to Her Guns or Going with the Flow

Assessing Rigidity and Flexibility in Angela Merkel's Political Decision Making

Christian Schnee

matter of personality? Stability and change in eu leaders’ beliefs during the Euro crisis” in Making Public Policy Decisions—Expertise, Skills and Experience , ed. Damon Alexander, Jenny Lewis (London, 2014), 53-72. 20 Gerd Langguth, “Die preußische