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Cyrus Shahan

of the band that brought Krautrock to the world. He certainly never listened to German punk rock, for he was dead before its birth circa 1977, though punk’s aesthetic practices operated with a related vision of collage, aggression, and anti

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Rodrigo Booth

In 1984 the successful Chilean punk rock band Los Prisioneros identified Latin America as “an exotic place to visit”. Written in a strongly anti-imperialist key, the song “Latinoamerica es un pueblo al sur de Estados Unidos” (“Latin America is a village to the south of the United States”) said about tourism in the continent: For tourists and curious people, / it is an exotic place to visit. / It is only a cheap

place, / but inappropriate to live there. / Latin America offers, / the Rio’s Carnival and the Aztec Ruins, / dirty people wandering around in the streets, / ready to sell themselves for some US dollars.

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A Decade of Religion and Society

Sondra L. Hausner, Ruy Llera Blanes, and Simon Coleman

takes up the famous case of Pussy Riot, the feminist punk rock band that set itself up in the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral in Moscow, to consider multiple forms of pluralism. Caldwell suggests that the band “did not transgress a religious space so

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Two Generations of New Basques

From Euskara as Counterculture to Euskara as the Classroom Language

Hanna Lantto

grandparents still spoke Basque. I am quite self-taught. I learned Basque from books and television – Basque television started functioning at that time, in the 1980s – and listening to Basque music. I listened to radical Basque music, punk rock, groups like

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Licht aus–Spot an

How Schlager (ZDF 1969–1984) Beat Disco (ZDF 1971–1982)

Sunka Simon

folklore, punk, rock and pop comes closer to Richter’s mc ing of Disco than Heck’s lording over his parade of Schlager . Otto’s continuing popularity makes one wonder, why Disco is not still around today. At the dawn of privatization, Disco called

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“Loving and Cruel, All at the Same Time”

Girlhood Identity in The Craft

Emily Chandler

affirming for her, as she is shown to have attempted suicide previously by slitting her wrists. Noticing Sarah’s scars, Bonnie congratulates her on cutting her wrists “the right way,” and Nancy proclaims the scars to be “Punk rock!” Only Rochelle is

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Mirko M. Hall

Gestus zur faschistoiden Ästhetik” in Speit (see note 2), 66. 31 Susan Sontag, “Fascinating Fascism” in Under the Sign of Saturn (New York, 1980), 99. 32 Diesel and Gerten (see note 4), 82. 33 Stewart Home, “We Mean It Man: Punk Rock and Anti

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‘The Inexhaustible Surface of Things’

Stefano Tamburini's Comic Book Work

Simone Castaldi

of cultural hierarchies intersecting Piet Mondrian with punk rock aesthetics, Russian suprematist painters with American daily strips of the 1940s, and Michelangelo Buonarroti with Mario Schifano, constitutes the heart of Tamburini's poetics and both

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The Long Homecoming

Ghanaian Migrant Business and Power in Veneto, Italy

Hans Lucht

's wearing black leggings and an oversized T-shirt with the name of the German punk rock skinheads Böhse Onkelz printed on it. She's directing some helpers around—PK is one of them—with laughs and good-humored scolding. Smaller vans come down the bumpy dirt