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Lissa Weinstein and Banu Seckin

When Craig, an oft-humiliated and unsuccessful street puppeteer, discovers a portal into the body of John Malkovich, he finds that fusion with a live “celebrity puppet” offers a solution to the dilemmas of being human— imperfection, vulnerability, and death. In this fantastical context, the filmmakers raise questions about intention, identity, authorship, and the wisdom of elevating narcissism over Eros. Although a desire to transcend the limitations of the mortal body may be ubiquitous, the unique solution offered in Being John Malkovich is the apparent triumph of this narcissistic fantasy, rather than an acceptance of reality. This article first explores the film's use of the universal imagery of narcissism and then examines how technology, which allows widespread access to a visually oriented media culture, and changes in the meaning of fame have altered the expression of narcissistic fantasies, as well as the anxieties that accompany their fulfillment.

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The Changing Portrayal of Dancers in Egyptian Films

Three Roles in the Career of Tahia Carioca (1946, 1958 and 1972)

Carolina Bracco

dancer whose profession made up its plot was launched in 1946: The Lady's Puppet ( Din Samih 1946 ). Naguib al-Rihani produced the film and chose the young Tahia Carioca to lead it with him. The film tells the story of an Egyptian family that works at

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Ronald de Rooy

appropriations from the past decade show signs of such iconic treatment, and when the highbrow European tradition of Dante’s visual reception at times shines through, this always happens with strong ironic undertones. Cardboard Puppets in an All-American Urban

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Struggles in "the Stronghold of World Imperialism"

East German ''People's Friendship'' as Nontraditional Diplomacy in the United States, 1961–1989

Jason Johnson

This article centers on the League of People’s Friendship of the German Democratic Republic. The League, composed of a main organization in East Berlin and national partner societies scattered around the globe, served as a tool of nontraditional diplomacy for East Germany’s ruling communist party across much of the Cold War. This article sketches out the activities of the League’s partner organizations in the U.S.—the first analysis to do so—arguing first that given the variety of challenges and problems the League and its partner organizations faced, the limited success of these groups in the U.S. is, in the end, rather remarkable. Second, this essay argues that these organizations offer further evidence that East Germany was not exactly a puppet state.

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Politics, Consumption, or Nihilism

Protest and Disorder after the Global Crash

Bob Jeffery, Joseph Ibrahim, and David Waddington

The years since the onset of global recession, circa 2008, have led to an unprecedented rise in discontent in societies around the world. Whether this be the Arab Spring of 2011 when popular uprisings against authoritarian regimes cascaded across North Africa and the Middle East, or the rise of left-wing, anti-capitalist and far-right movements in the developed 'north', ranging from the Indignados in Spain, Syriza and the Golden Dawn in Greece, Le Front National in France, student movements in Quebec, or the allegedly less articulate explosion of rage characterizing the English Riots of 2011, it is clear that Fukuyama's thesis regarding the final ascendency of liberal capitalism (and its puppet regimes in the developing world) was grossly misplaced. In Badiou's (2012) terms we are witnessing 'the rebirth of history', where all bets regarding the trajectories of local and global political economies are off.

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Technological Animism

The Uncanny Personhood of Humanoid Machines

Kathleen Richardson

at being neglected and abandoned. The movie draws inspiration from the nineteenth-century tale of Pinocchio, in which a childless bachelor crafts a puppet in the shape of a boy because he is lonely and longs to care for a son. In the film, David is

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Considerations on the Assassination of William Shakespeare

Richard Wilson

’t recognize his reflection. It was no longer a wooden puppet, but the face of a handsome boy’. 28 It suddenly strikes me as no coincidence that Carlo Collodi and Lamberto Tassinari haled from the same town, nor that their books have identical plots, about a

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Hamlet and the 47 Ronin

Did Shakespeare Read Chushingura?

Graham Holderness

‘Shakespeare must have read Chushingura’ . —Harue Tsutsumi, Kanadehon Hamlet In the unlikely event that he had been able to read Japanese, Shakespeare could not of course have ‘read Chushingura ’, an 18th century puppet play based on

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“One Is Not Born a Dramatist”

The Genesis of Sartre’s Theatrical Career in Writings to, with, and by Beauvoir

Dennis A. Gilbert

sketches for puppets ( pièces pour marionnettes ) are recalled fondly by Sartre in these pages and lead to an interesting contrast between these wooden beings and the contingencies of real life. 4 So, while Sartre will use the cinema in The Words to

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Comics and Adaptation

Armelle Blin-Rolland, Guillaume Lecomte, and Marc Ripley

relevance of Dante for the graphic arts in both Europe and the United States, evidenced in his wide-ranging selection of transmedial Dante adaptations, from comics to puppet theatre and video games. Our concluding article, by Marc Ripley, turns to the